How to safely go out clubbing as a diabetic


I was asked by someone to share what I’d do to go out clubbing while keeping it safe.  So I just want to share what worked for me during my “clubbing/partying” years. I could tell you what didn’t work but that would be a scarier story…

The first rule I’d put down is NO alcohol or at least limit it to one serving. Being out in public with lots of music and people for distraction is challenging enough for good diabetes management. Add alcohol into the mix and you’ve got a recipe for disaster. If you feel left out of a group who is having some drinks, focus on the fact that you are fabulous and do not need an alcoholic drink. Only you can take care of yourself so be proud and confident about your decision to not drink or to limit it. If it helps you, keep in mind lots of famous celebrities do not drink for reasons of maintaining their health and good looks. People still worship them just the same. Alcohol does not make the world go round.

Now, how to carry all your necessities into a club without bringing the big purse? What I have done is find a clutch purse that is small but, big enough to carry my meter, insulin, syringes, and glucose tablets in it. Then I either keep it on my wrist or hook it onto my jeans. What is that I hear? You want to wear a dress? Well, in this case I have danced with the clutch in my hand or had my date carry my necessities in his pockets. This only works if you trust your date enough to carry your stuff and to stay around in the case you need it.  Once, I had the bartender stash it behind the bar counter next to the rum-but again this demands trust and I wouldn’t put my diabetes supplies in the hands of someone I didn’t know.  I suppose you could also get a clutch that has a long strap or chain attached and wear it cross body wise and wear it the entire time. 

What helped me most was eventually accepting the fact that we’re different because of having diabetes and we have to do things a little bit differently. It would be sad and stupid to sacrifice our health and our life just so we don’t stand out as being so odd amongst the crowd. Besides, isn’t it good to stand out? Isn’t that a tiny part of the reason you spent two hours getting ready to go out? Yeah…I thought so.

And again…you may be bummed to have to give up getting tipsy but, trust me you can have an awesome time without alcohol. Focus on the music, your friends or your date, getting your hair like Ke$ha’s, get your nails done all wild. What happened to girls going out and just having fun? 

Remember to test before you go inside!  And here is something I was able to order for free at the bar:  glass of water with a squirt of lemon juice and some mint leaves on ice.  Everyone seemed to think I was having a mojito.  Nope, just getting hydrated :)

Take care of your health first-it’s the most attractive thing you can do for yourself, trust me.

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  1. Reyna

    Wow, great tips Sysy. I don’t even want to acknowledge that Joe will someday be going out “clubbing” or that he may *gasp* drink alcohol.

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