The problem with foods (most) that are white

          Consider removing or limiting white foods from your diet.  That would be bread, cereals, crackers, cakes, pasta, and rice. Reason being is these foods raise blood sugar levels for many hours after you eat them.

Has the following happened to you? You get up in the morning and your blood sugar is 102. You give insulin and enjoy a bowl of Honey Bunches of Oats with milk and 2 hours after this you’re blood sugar is 100. Excellent! Now some more time has passed and it is lunch time. You are ordering a chicken salad sandwich for lunch and can’t wait to eat it. You check your blood sugar and it is 204. HUH?! What happened here? Well, the complex carbohydrates in your cereal bowl kicked in some more AFTER the last time you checked your sugar. Now you are upset because you are hungry and cannot eat yet.

If you use an insulin pump you could use a square or dual wave bolus to deal with these kinds of foods. I don’t like that solution though because every time you give insulin a certain varying percentage is not absorbed into the body. The more insulin you give, the greater the margin of error here. This means you are risking blood sugars that vary from day to day, even if you eat the same thing every day and at the same time.

I finally got tired of this roller coaster and decided to simplify things. I now enjoy white foods only on special occasions. My body has thanked me. I feel healthier, my A1c is better than ever, and I even lost weight!

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