Things you need to make appointments!


     I keep a running list to remind me of appointments and reminders regarding my health and mostly my diabetes.  Here is what I do:

1. On a planner,calendar, or some kind of digital system, keep track of all doctor’s appointments-you don’t want to miss these. It is ideal you see your general practitioner or endocrinologist, a dentist, and an ophthalmologist at least once a year.  Depending on your particular needs you may need to see other specialists, too.  Write it all down so you don’t forget.

2. Also make reminders for yourself such as, “Call and schedule next appointment with endocrinologist”. Often, we forget to do this and finally when we remember, the doctor is unavailable for weeks or months at a time.

3. Check all the re-order dates on your prescriptions and write those dates down as well or have your phone remind you of them.

4. Make yourself notes on random days like, “Are you eating right?” or “How do you feel today?” or even, “Are you testing enough?”. It would be helpful to have a robot pop up every so often to ask us these helpful questions-especially since life tends to get real hectic sometimes. Since we don’t have that robot yet, write up these questions or have email reminders to catch you off guard and make you stop and think, “How AM I doing?” Life gets busy, try to outsmart it.

5. Another thing I do is make small notes about how I’m feeling. If I notice constant pain somewhere I make a note of it. Or I may track the number of days I go feeling a certain symptom. I do this because diabetes complications show up slowly and sneaky so bringing attention to tiny possible clues could make all the difference. The earlier something is dealt with, the better the outcome.  Plus, I figure it’s helpful to a doctor to be able to tell him/her how long a symptom has been going on.

Do this and don’t let your diabetes be forgotten!  Add any helpful tips you’ve got in the comments.

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