Why low carb works best for me


I’m all for fruit and whole wheat sprouted grain bread and brown rice. Yet, fact of the matter is, limiting even these great carbs works wonders! 

I don’t advocate for everyone with diabetes doing it.  In particular, I like to think that children shouldn’t be restricted as an adult might choose to do for themselves.  I have just found that personally, if I want better blood sugars, I watch carb intake very carefully.

Let me explain.

Every time we give insulin by syringe or insulin pump, a small varying percentage isn’t absorbed by the body.  Let’s say you gave 5 units of insulin to cover your moderate carb meal and your type 1 diabetic friend gives 15 units of insulin for a hearty plate of pasta with marinara sauce.  That certain percentage of unabsorbed insulin is greater in the 15 units your friend took than in the 5 units you took for your meal.  There is a likelihood you end up a little bit above or below your target blood sugar after eating because of the fact that we cannot perfect insulin dosing due to the amount that is randomly unabsorbed by the body.  The more insulin that is given however, the greater the margin of error we’re going to have to put up with.  So your friend will likely have a higher high than you or a lower low.  They might be right on target depending on their carbohydrate counting skills and luck .  However, they are more likely than you to have a 250 after eating.  Being 250 over 150 makes a big difference in the way you feel and in how fast you can lower your number.

If you feel fine with organic eggs, poultry, meat, nuts, and green veggies and don’t need carbs, then good for you.  I suppose that makes it much easier.  Many of us feel better with some carbs though, so in that case, just don’t overdo the portions and stay away from processed carbs.  I find that 20 carbs of sweet potato are not equal to the 20 carbs in a cookie.  The cookie, for me, requires more insulin since the sweet potato has fiber and a lower glycemic index.

If you’re an adult with diabetes.  I strongly suggest trying to eat lower carb and non processed food for a week and see how much easier glucose management gets for you.

The only way I can keep an A1c in the 5% range is this.  If someone else knows another way I’m all ears.  I do miss my sushi.

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