How to rock the outfit AND the insulin pump

          Whatever your style is, you CAN wear the pump proudly and NOT feel that it is inhibiting or crushing your sense of style. I took a very creative approach during my pumping years. I would wear the pump inside my jean’s pockets backwards so that the clip was the only thing showing. When I wore a dress I would clip the pump to my bra (in between my breasts). Granted this only works with size B cup or larger.

Sometimes people would see the pump through my clothes and ask me “what the heck is that?” I would explain in a nonchalant sort of way like it was no big deal, making sure to smile once or twice and yet sounding like it was absolutely no bother to me to answer their innocent question. The result? People would be like, “oh ok, cool”. People LIKE it when others have guts and they are impressed when you explain something awkward in a casual and cool manor.

If your style is very “posh” or “chic” get a black or grey pump or pump cover. If you have a more colorful or eclectic style, get a fun color to wear. Wear the pump with the attitude that you are in charge of it and it helps you with something important and people will be impressed.

The point of course, is not to impress people, but the fact of the matter is, most of us care to some extent how others view us, and we don’t want this to get in the way of our diabetes control. This is why I encourage you to “rock the pump”. This is done by your CONFIDENCE. You stand up straight, you walk with assurance, and you live freely, all the while doing those extra things diabetics must do to stay healthy.

Your attitude is the most important ingredient here. Your attitude will allow you to free up your frustration and be creative about how you wear your pump, how you explain it to others, and how you appear with it on-FABULOUS!

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  1. Emily

    I love this article. Thanks for reminding me that I should still remember that I’m even if I’m rockin’ a purple “pager.”

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