Is your diabetes spinning out of control?

Don’t gamble with your diabetes      


      Many diabetic women live day to day with their diabetes spinning out of control. The following are signs of this happening to YOU: If you have a few of these chances are your health is seriously at risk. Look on the bright side though, if this is you, you have nowhere to go but up. If I can do it, you can do it.

I got diabetes at age 11 and by age 13 I already had my gums sliding off of my teeth and needed oral surgery because of my glucose numbers. I went through all of my teenage years (and I mean ALL of them) in a state of sickness, silently battling glucose numbers around 300-500 on a weekly basis. After years of living this way I finally began transitioning into a healthier way of life.

I began reading about what those living healthy lifestyles do and slowly began incorporating their habits into my daily routine. Now, I don’t mean healthy diabetics, I mean healthy people in general. I found that they all did regular exercise, ate high quality carbs instead of the low quality processed ones, and disciplined themselves in order to achieve their goals. For example: What does someone do who wants to start their own business, but works full time and has a family to support? They wake up an hour early EACH day and work on some aspect of their goal. Over time these hours add up. Someone who wants to lose weight and achieves this goal disciplines themselves to either consistent exercise or consistent change in diet or both.

When your diabetes is out of control you must make a very big decision. You must commit to some act of change from this very second forward. 2 weeks of successfully sticking to that act will make it a habit and you can move onto another act of change. You continue this until you are out of the danger zone and into an entirely new place, in your mind and body. It will get easier and easier as you go along because the healthier you are, the better your mood will be and the more support you will be gain from within. The happier you are the more you can achieve.

The first key to all of this change is recognizing the diabetes is out of control and refusing to give excuses and to live in denial. For a very long time I lived in this state of misery and now that life is much different, I can actually say life is great. It isn’t easy, but It’s great!

You deserve the same. You can have the same.

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