Good diabetes control is 10% physical and 90% mental

      Deep down you already knew that controlling your diabetes is 10% physical and 90% mental.  You know that you could do better if you would discipline yourself better.  Chances are however, you do what I’ve done in the past and you tell the doctor your blood sugars are just hard to control and although you try real hard, you just can’t get them to improve. 

It is time to recognize that the greatest barrier to your health and your diabetes management is your mind. 

 What would we be able to accomplish if we had all the knowledge about diabetes we needed AND we had the discipline to make the right decision-every time?  We might achieve near normal glucose nearly all of the time.  We are human so of course you have to factor that in, but for the majority of the time, we do have this ability. 

Your mind can be your number one hindrance when controlling your diabetes.  Your mind can come up with thousands of excuses as to why you don’t have an A1c around 6% and are overweight.  Your mind can even make you feel physically tired and sick.  When this happens, one is often depressed and  now really challenged for good control. 

I had depression at some point.  It was the most crippling experience of my life.  I had it for many years but, wasn’t aware for a long time.  I just knew I felt terrible.  All of the time.  I got rid of it by a year of disciplining myself to regular exercise, better eating habits, and more positive thinking. 

The much improved diabetes control soon followed. 

This made me realize that although I had a lot of diabetes related knowledge (I read so much I knew more than the doctors), if my mind wasn’t really healthy and focused that knowledge did me no good.  I now make it a priority to ensure that my mental state is in good shape.  This includes eating well and exercising, but just as importantly:

1.  positive self talk

2.  not feeling defeated when I make mistakes

3.  not being envious of non-diabetics

4.  seeing the beauty in each day

5.  focusing on how I will reap rewards and avoid consequences for the hard work I do RIGHT NOW

     Remember, what you do and think today will come together to create who you are tomorrow.

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