5 things I have gained from having diabetes

       We all know its much better to look at life in a positive light. This is difficult with diabetes but, it can be done! Here is my personal list of 5 GOOD things that I’ve gained from being a type 1 diabetic.

1. My ability to sympathize and empathize with others has increased 10 fold. I have a lot of respect for the sick, the elderly, the insecure, and anyone who is suffering for that matter. I even have a big soft spot in my heart for the billionaire out there who is depressed. Why? Because I have learned that despite all of our differences, we humans do one thing in common. We hurt. We suffer. Yes, in different ways and in varying degrees but, one person’s pain should not be acknowledged over someone elses.

2. I appreciate my health more than ever. When I was 10 years old I was so upset about having parents who didn’t have much money. Then I developed diabetes at age 11 and realized I had always been rich.

Never have ill will towards those who take their health for granted though. Just think to yourself how wonderful it is that you do cherish your health.

3. I don’t jump to conclusions as often. It is easy for all of us to assume things based on often very limited information. We do it all the time. We judge others for the way they look and act and even feel. People often jump to conclusions about type 1 diabetics. They assume we got the disease by eating too much sugar or by eating junk food (and I was a very healthy eater growing up). They assume insulin is a cure and that an insulin pump “does all the work” for a diabetic. These assumptions are just ignorance. So, in order to do my part I decided I no longer wanted to be ignorant towards others. Now I try to get all my facts before reaching a conclusion or forming an opinion.

4. Getting type 1 diabetes is what got me to learn about good health. I’ve made many lifestyle changes in the past years which have made my life so much better. Those changes have to do with making better decisions for my health. I eat as much organic food as possible, I exercise, I know what to do to control my diabetes, and I’ve been happy to share this information with family and friends along the way.

5. I’ve learned to accept things the way they are. I now accept that I have type 1 diabetes. Why is this good? Accepting this has allowed me to move on and shift focus from all the frustration and anger I have felt because of the diabetes. In turn, I have now been able to think more clearly and to feel happier. This has allowed me to take much better care of the diabetes. Sadness and anger only inhibit one’s ability to be healthy. I do NOT accept however, a shortened life or diminished quality of life so while I accept the fact that I’m a diabetic, I also accept that I am in charge of it and my health!

So what good things has diabetes taught you?  Share with us in the comments field.

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