Dating and diabetes; Should a diabetic date a diabetic?

        This is not a question of whether diabetics should date each other or not.  Rather, should they date each other because they are diabetic? 

It seems in the interest of plenty of diabetics considering dating for diabetics websites exist. 

It is natural to feel that dating someone with the same disease is easier.  After all, there would be a lot less explaining to do.  This person would understand just how you feel, too.  So perhaps in some ways it is easier. 

Perhaps it isn’t.  What if both people have a low blood sugar at the same time?  Can one still help the other?  Will a couple stay together because they are comfortable being with a fellow diabetic instead of finding “the one”? 

The right answer lies within each individual. 

I personally have never dated a diabetic.  There simply were none around.  I can say that the diabetes has acted as a screen of some sort.  Having diabetes filtered out dating prospects for me.  If someone really cared then they would treat my diabetes seriously, with compassion, and with care.  They would learn about my diabetes and support my control of it.  Those who didn’t do these things were automatically no good-no matter what I thought of them otherwise. 

It isn’t easy to feel rejected on the basis of a disease you had no part in acquiring.  I remember often feeling lonely and worried that even girl friends wouldn’t want to hang out with me because I was diabetic. 

Yet just as with dating, being diabetic allows me to know who is a real friend.

In the end I married a non-diabetic man who has particularly great health.  He has never even had a headache.  It is great!  He has even more energy to help me out since he always feels good.  He has numerous great-grandparents still alive and well and I must say I don’t mind adding those genes to our kids. 

He doesn’t know exactly what I go through and the key is that he is well aware of that.  So he doesn’t assume.  He asks, he listens, he empathizes. 

While I wouldn’t recommend a diabetic to only seek out a non-diabetic to date, I can say that dating a perfectly healthy individual worked out wonderful for me. 

Whatever the case be with you, good luck and make sure you get treated right!

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