Does a diabetic woman have to settle when dating?

Only if you want him…


      I have come across many diabetic women who feel that when it comes to dating, they have to settle. 

They feel that because they have a serious disease, they can’t expect an attractive or wealthy person to want to be with them.  They also feel they would be too much of a burden on a wonderful individual.  So they think they need to settle for the pudgy little man who loves them to death and would therefore put up with their diabetes.  (By the way there is nothing wrong with a pudgy little man as long as you are crazy about him).

The point is, women with diabetes often seem to suffer from a very low self esteem which is mainly induced by the diabetes itself. 

I understand.  I’ve been there-trust me.  During my most out of control time with the diabetes I was overweight, retaining a lot of water, pale and sallow looking, and without energy.  I didn’t want to date anyone.  I wasn’t ok with myself.  I had to first fix my diabetes control and in doing so managed to improve my health greatly.  I lost all of the extra weight, got a healthy glow back, fit into all the clothes I wanted to fit into, and most of all, felt healthy and therefore looked like a happy person. 

Who wants to date a sad looking girl?

Somehow I snagged a gorgeous guy.  But get this, he liked me during that awful out of control period I just described.  What?  Was he blind?  Well, sort of, because love is blind right? 

This brings me to my next point. 

He was a good guy.  The right one.  The right one doesn’t care if you are struggling with your diabetes.  He can still fall in love with you.  He wants you to take care of yourself for all of the right reasons.  He doesn’t run away. 

I think my husband saw my potential during my difficult years.  He saw a girl trying to get out of a sick body.  He saw me as someone busting with hope and wanting desperately to get better.  He saw the passionate and humorous person I am. 

I didn’t date him for many years because I was getting my diabetes under control.  I really think this is crucial.  How can you love someone if you don’t love yourself?  If you don’t eat right or check your blood sugar as often as you should, are you showing yourself love and respect? 

Everything worked out great for my husband and I when we finally began to date.  This was because I was finally under control and happy and confident. 

He has never had a problem with the fact that I have a terrible disease.  The right man wouldn’t. 

If you are one of those women who feel they should settle when it comes to dating:  First, make sure you have shown yourself the love you deserve and done all you can to maintain good diabetes control.  Second, know that the right guy for you will not back away because you have a disease.  If a guy does, he is not the one for you.  And third, as you work to better your diabetes, remember you are special and totally worthy. 

Only settle for the man you really want.

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