Don’t be the next diabetic to have a 19.2 pound baby


      In Indonesia a woman gave birth to a 19.2 pound baby.  She is a diabetic.  Diabetes uncontrolled during pregnancy will grow a very heavy baby.  This is a shame considering the baby’s health is very much affected.  Perhaps not now but, babies born heavy like this often have weight issues later on in life-and thus health problems. 

If you are a diabetic and planning to get pregnant soon, first be sure you have great blood sugar control.  If you don’t, pregnancy should wait.  Your health and the health of your baby are at stake. 

Your A1c should probably be 6% or under for months before you become pregnant and then maintained during the pregnancy.  I kept my A1c around a 5% during my pregnancy.  It was VERY challenging but very worth it.  My babies were around 6 pounds each and not at all overweight. 

 My greatest nightmare was that they would come out unhealthy.  I know this is every mother’s nightmare.  So in a sense I suffered quite a bit through out the pregnancy simply because I was checking my blood sugar all of the time.  It was so hard and yet I kept telling myself that the possible alternative of unhealthy babies would be much harder. 

So that is how I got through all of those months maintaining good control.  As they say, take it one day at a time.  Do it for your baby.

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