Can a type 2 diabetic eat carbs?

An elderly gentleman with type 2 diabetes whom I know was told by his doctor he could have fruit.  So he eats bowls of fruit which include oh so sweet banana and grapes.

He was never explained that some fruit have more sugar than others nor that a small piece of fruit and an entire bowl were two different things when it came to his blood sugar.

As a result his blood sugar is regularly over 200.

I think a better job by doctors needs to be done when recommending food for diabetics.  The cold hard reality is that if someone has type 2 diabetes, all sources of carbohydrates might affect blood sugar.  Some people with type 2 can have fruit and keep their blood sugar down, others cannot.  So the issue is on an individual basis.

I don’t know.  All I know is that whole wheat pasta, lentils, whole wheat bread, and fruit are commonly recommended foods for type 2 diabetics.  This sounds like a disaster!  When I eat those foods I need plenty of insulin to cover them and I gain weight really fast.  So when a type 2 diabetic who does not take insulin eats one of these foods, they will normally suffer an elevation in glucose.

Just because the sugar in fruit is fructose doesn’t mean it won’t hurt you.  Sure, fruit is low on the glycemic scale but, it still raises blood sugar.  If you are a diabetic, any blood sugar over 100 is not ideal.  Anything over 140 is going to definitely do harm in the long run.

We all like to have something for all of our suffering but, if you are a diabetic, get a manicure or enjoy your favorite TV show or go out with friends.  Don’t enjoy that sandwich on whole grain if it causes your blood sugar to go up.  In the end, you will suffer even more.  Same goes for all of the other carbohydrate containing foods out there.

I think it might be better to enjoy those foods only once you get your body under control.  This means getting to a healthy weight, sleeping well, exercising, lowering stress, and eating right for your blood sugar levels.  If you are able to hit these marks, then maybe try adding more and more carbohydrates.  If your blood sugar goes up though, I’d try to limit them once again.

Diabetes complications are no joke.  And if you are on medications, they probably have a host of negative side effects.  What if it is possible to come off of those eventually?  Every case is different and anything like this would obviously need to be monitored by a doctor but, what if limiting carbs gave you better chances?

I’m a type 1 diabetic who has a lot of insulin resistance issues and in that regard I treat myself a bit like a type 2 by limiting carbs and omitting grains completely in order to avoid being overweight.  I don’t like this reality because I love my carbs, but it’s my reality and accepting it has helped me be healthier which is SO worth it.

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