Hope for a cure but, don’t wait for it

        I’ve met many diabetics who say they constantly pray, hope, and wish for a cure for diabetes. 

While this is great, I just want to warn against one thing. 

Pray, hope, and wish for a cure but, don’t put all of your eggs in that basket.  15 years ago doctors told me there would be a cure within the next 10 years.  For 10 years I hoped for that with all of my soul, believing I’d soon be saved.  Then I realized those 10 years had passed and not only had we still not found a cure-we are now dealing with a huge diabetes epidemic in this country. 

So much research money is going into type 2 diabetes drugs and we now have more insulin types, we have insulin pens and better than ever glucose meters.  Diabetes is a huge business.  This scares the heck out of me. 


Well, are we really going to find a cure when diabetes makes so many people so much money?  We are talking billions here. Think about it-and I’m not the only one asking this question.  Money has such a huge pull around here (in this world) and I can’t help but worry that will get in the way of our cure.

Having said this, I am still hopeful of a cure and support the cause.  BUT, instead of focusing my precious energy on that, I focus on NOW.  I put my attention where it is most needed, today.  My glucose management.  I know that If I maintain near normal glucose as much as possible, I will live a much healthier life today and tomorrow. 

For a type 2 diabetic, getting your sugar down with diet, exercise, and whatever else it takes can quite possibly cure your diabetes.  Think of all you have to gain even if you have to work hard at it? 

I refuse to sit around waiting for a cure to be found by smart people in white coats while I fall apart. 

Instead, my goal and hope for all of you is to recognize the possibility of no cure being found in our lifetime (although I wish highly against this).  And instead, to be your own group of smart people curing your own diabetes or dictating your own future with great diabetes management and healthy lifestyles. 

To our future, with or without a cure.

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