Diabetic women and the dreaded monthly visitor


Did you know many diabetic women have an especially rough time with their menstrual period each month?

Why is this?

Perhaps part of this is due to elevated glucose inducing more moodiness than is already present.

There is another reason.  Elevated glucose throws the body out of balance.  When this happens, every single part of the body suffers to a certain extent.  This means that a women’s hormones and therefore her reproductive system is also affected.  Women with diabetes are supposedly more apt to develop PCOS, for example.

Here then, is yet another reason to strive for blood sugar levels as close to normal as possible.

Often, diabetic women find that when they stabilize their glucose their periods are less intense and painful and more regular.  I personally found that having good blood sugar management did enormously help to alleviate my symptoms and my PCOS.  A few additional things really helped as well:

1.  Take healthy Omega fats

I take krill oil capsules every day.  Krill is another word for plankton-which yes, is what whales eat.  It works just like fish oil only better because it goes rancid less quickly and has way more antioxidants.  Fish oil is still a great option though and which ever you take-promotes body balance and alleviates period symptoms.

2.  Evening primrose oil

You can get this at GNC, it is especially helpful in easing rough period symptoms.

3.  Low carb and low sugar

A diet that is not high in sugar/carbs is the number one successful change I implemented when trying to get rid of my extremely painful cramps (the kind that forced me to call in sick one day each month and literally scream from pain for several hours).  If this sounds like you, I highly recommend trying this dietary change.  I mean it’s worth a try?

4.   Exercise

You’ve heard this one and it is true.  Exercise also helps ease menstrual symptoms.  It helps combat the bloated feeling too-which is so nice on an “I feel fat” day.

5.  Omit soft drinks, caffeine, and alcohol around the time of your period. 

This is common advice for a reason-it works!


Does anyone have anything to add to the list?

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