5 Ways to enjoy Halloween without messing up your blood sugars

       Halloween is one of my favorite holidays.  How can you possibly be let down by costumes and candy?

Yet, for us diabetics Halloween is one big ugly temptation.  (Did I mention I was diagnosed with type 1 in 1994 a few days after Halloween?  I still regret eating all the candy I didn’t like first only to leave behind forever, “the best for last”.) 

Anyway, here are 5 ways to enjoy the holiday without suffering the consequences:

1.  Do not go hungry

Make sure you eat complete meals and plenty of filling protein so you don’t do what I have done which is catch a glimpse of your favorite candy bar, look left and right, and quickly shove it in your mouth.  (Don’t judge!)

2.  Get into a costume

Get your focus away from edible goodies and find yourself an awesome costume to put your excitement into. 

3.  If you must have some candy…

Don’t eat it too late.  Check your blood sugar often.  Make sure you give enough insulin and definitely check before bed.  This is what I do because honestly, I have to have a few Snickers and family (you know, Babe Ruth, Milky Way, Take 5, etc) on Halloween.

4.  Decide

If you have decided the best thing for you is to resist all temptation-make the decision and stand by it.  Treat yourself to something nice like a pedicure so you feel rewarded. 

5.  Discipline

Whatever your plan is for Halloween make sure your health comes first.  I know a top goal for women is to be fabulous (whether you admit it or not) and the best way to be fabulous is to protect your health. 

Good luck and remember, you do not need that whole bag of chocolates, just a handful perhaps?

Happy Halloween!

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