Dating and the pump; Is it in the way?

       When I switched from my insulin pump to syringes 2 years ago the main reason was to achieve better control.  It worked, too.  My A1c dropped to normal non-diabetic person levels.

This article isn’t about that, however.  Let me share a little secret with you. 

A tiny motivating factor involved my boyfriend (now husband).  He always supported me and the pump and everything I had to do regarding that little machine.  He never complained when it beeped or backed up or gave me a headache.  He understood its importance.

Having said that, I on the other hand, felt it was in the way… who wants to make out with someone and the entire time worry that they might get their hand somehow tangled in your tubing? 

A total mood killer that’s for sure.  My husband once went to grab my hand as we walked through the mall and accidentally looped his thumb through my tubing which was sticking out and jerked my site, causing me to yell out in pain.  A common incidence for pumping diabetics.

Let me make something clear.  This is not about convincing someone to get off of the pump.  It is about relating.  I understand completely about what thoughts and worries you are having because I’ve been there.  I know you are paranoid about what your partner is thinking (I promise they are worrying much less about your pump than you are).  It is inevitable for us, though.  As if it wasn’t enough that we are worried about our appearance, what we say, and how we act.  Then there is this tiny machine which is actually attached to our bodies by plastic tubing.  And it is always there. It isn’t easy.  That is why I’m begging you to believe me when I say that a loving partner is not going to be bothered by your pump. 

I had the pump throughout all of high school and no guy thought it was in the way.  This is because I acted confident all of the time.  I fooled people a bit because often I didn’t feel confident but, faking it works-trust me.  Over time you’ll grow the real thing which is great.  People respond beautifully to confident people.  I’d have to say confidence is important ammo for any diabetic.

Do I enjoy the freedom of not having a pump?  Yes.  I also kind of miss those convenient little buttons so if pumping works for you and you are out and about on the dating scene, don’t fret.  Use laughter to ease awkward situations and honestly, if someone really likes you, they won’t be focusing on your pump.

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