Dating and diabetes; All you need is love?


When it comes to dating and diabetes, today I ask, is love all you need?

I am assuming you are someone who believes in love being the most important factor in a successful relationship. 

What about a relationship with someone who has a serious illness? 

My instincts tell me love IS all you need.

Realistically speaking however, we all know its more complicated than that.  Someone can absolutely love one of us diabetics and maybe just not logically get it (due to their personality type + prior life experiences). 

I believe it takes a special soul to date a diabetic.  This person doesn’t have to have diabetes or any illness.  They just need to be willing to learn all the facets of a diabetic and also mentally put together all of the facts associated with the disease.  If someone dating a diabetic doesn’t do this they will come to be a lack of support for their diabetic partner.

How so?

Well, for example:  say we have a diabetic girl dating a guy who cannot wrap his head around the reality of how stressful diabetes is due to it’s seriousness, physical and emotional pain, coupled with nagging to do’s like checking blood and administering insulin.  And just for kicks lets also include the fact that it’s never-ending. 

Eventually, this poor guy is going to end up offending or hurting his girl.  He’ll say something like, “You have insulin so it can’t be that bad” or “If I was a diabetic, my blood sugar would never get low”.  I’ve personally heard that last one by the way…I shot a look at him like “excuse me what did you just say? and would you like to quickly take it back?”

Let us remember love is also patience and understanding.  If you have a less than ideal partner when it comes to understanding the complexities of you and your eh… diabeticism if you will, remember this love thing goes both ways.  You should be patient and understanding too!  Over time he ought to be increasingly supportive. 

If he isn’t?  You know what to do…

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