Diabetes and diet; What does Victoria Beckham do right?


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      You know how often a woman marries and soon claims she is gaining weight because she now eats like her husband?  Same goes for a diabetic woman who is with a non-diabetic partner.  She might say her blood sugars could be better if she didn’t eat like her man. Well, I know this can be very true but, it doesn’t have to be.   Let me give you a current events example…

I researched Victoria Beckham, wife of soccer great David Beckham because I saw a headline mentioning she eats nothing like her husband.  Turns out she supposedly eats a completely different diet than he does.  Does this complicate meal time?  Maybe.  Do they have an absurd amount of money to help with meal time?  Absolutely.  BUT, her husband burns a ton of calories playing soccer for a living and she likes to fit into tiny fashionable clothes.  So she eats fruits, vegetables, and seafood and he eats… well, anything he wants. 

At the end of the day they are both fit, slim, and seemingly healthy. They’ve been married 10 years and I imagine are still attracted to each other.  I don’t see where this goes wrong.

The challenge is, how can we normal folk do this? 

Personally, I’ve been married a little over a year and have managed not to eat like my husband.  His job is active and mine (pre-twin babies) involved a desk and laptop so you can imagine what would have happened to me had I attempted to eat an entire steak, some potatoes, white bread, and wine for dinner. 

Instead I would have a small amount of steak, some whole grain bread and squash, and a few sips of his wine for dinner.  All I had to do was replace the type of bread,add some broccoli to the steamer, steal some of his wine, and voila!  Different meal for two.  Its like I’m a restaurant! Anyway, a little creativity goes a long way.  So does this easy tactic:  downsizing portions.  You most likely should never eat the amount of food your man does.  On average men are larger than women and require more calories. 

More examples: 

Spaghetti with marinara and meatballs.  My husband has a plate full with some grilled vegetables and I enjoy only one bite of his spaghetti, the veggies, and some meatballs. 

Chicken breast, fettucini alfredo, and broccoli for him and chicken breast and broccoli for me.  You get the idea.

Now if all you’re having is pizza-have only 1 slice instead of his 4.  And make yours thin crust.

It sounds overly simple because it is.  What it isn’t is easy to adhere to.  It is hard watching him eat so many tantalizing carbs and still stay thin and healthy.  This is where discipline comes in-and a paradigm shift. 

Look out for my next article on that.

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