Embrace being different

      I spent years as a type 1 diabetic feeling real confident about how I could do everything a non-diabetic could do. 

Then I learned I couldn’t fly a plane or go into the army.  Then I realized being pregnant would be quite challenging and so would going to the beach with an insulin pump…the list goes on and on- as you know.

Thus I lost my proud mojo for a while.  And honestly it falters from time to time but, on the whole I now focus on embracing being different. 

If I were to continue fighting against the fact that I’m different from most people on earth due to my  type 1 diabetes I think my health would suffer. 

So here are a few ways you might “embrace being different” as a diabetic:

  • Demonstrate to others how awesome you are by the way you handle your diabetes care.  When I give an insulin shot I purposely make it look painless and easier than brushing teeth.  Others wince and I’m a diabetic diva.
  • If you wear a pump, get creative with how you wear it and strut your stuff.  In other words, don’t worry about hiding it.  Be proud that you have the guts to let it show (because hiding it is a pain in the butt) and allow your confidence to speak for itself.  Read How to rock the outfit and the insulin pump
  • Be positive and see opportunities.  See how being diabetic can be a good thing.  I know this is hard but, it is possible.  The more you try the easier it will be, I promise.  Check out the 5 things I have gained from having diabetes to get you started thinking positive.
  • When you have to eat with a group of people and you feel left out because of your diabetic diet, hold your pretty chin up and smile.  Think to yourself how healthy you are and will be if you continue staying on track.  Focus on good conversation-not good food. 
  • When you must refuse a dessert from your critical M.I.L. who never remembers your diabetes, don’t explain that you can’t have it because of your diabetes, say something witty like:  “You’re son and I both enjoy my figure this way, I wouldn’t dream of ruining it with that-but thanks!” (smile and turn around). 
  • Become an expert diabetic and you’ll not only benefit yourself,  you’ll wow people with your medical jargon.  My friends and family use me as go to girl for any health related questions/issues they’ve got.  Its nice.

How do you embrace being different as a diabetic?  We are after all…different diabetics right?  Do share.

2 thoughts on “Embrace being different

  1. Laura Pickard

    Ah Sysy,
    You always put it so well. I am gonna “Rock the Pump!”
    These are things I need to read, learn and live. You give me a vision. Thanks.

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