A personal example of how small sacrifices can free a diabetic


 For me, being free as a diabetic means not having to put up with excessive checking of blood sugar and giving of insulin so that I can focus on living life. 

I have 5 and a half month old twin babies and have been stuck at home lately because:

-I’m worried my blood sugar will drop and I will be too busy to notice

-Its cold outside and I hate cold weather

-Roads are busier than usual because of all the shoppers this time of year and I don’t want to risk a car accident

-If one of my babies throws up on my clothes while we’re out I don’t know how I’ll handle it

Needless to say I’ve been secluded at home so long I’m starting to get quite paranoid.

So the other day I spontaneously suggested my husband and I should take the babies on a short outing to the mall.

I packed the twin baby bag with all the necessities and then did the same with my bag.  It was cold out and already getting dark but, when I saw the look on my kid’s faces-super excited to be getting out of the house, I knew the trip was already worth it.

We opted to leave the twin baby stroller behind and just carry our babies through the mall.  My husband and I figured hey, we are still young enough to handle the arm and neck strain this would cause.

 I checked my blood sugar in the car on the way there and saw I was 109.  I made a mental note that carrying around a 16 pound baby was exercise and I should expect a low blood sugar-and a snack in about 30 minutes.

We checked out Baby Gap, The Disney Store, and noticed how our babies wouldn’t even look at us.  They were enthralled by the new faces and all the colors everywhere. 

After about 30 minutes of walking we bought some chicken nuggets at Chick-Fil-A and a small lemonade.  My husband and I split it and I calculated in my head the amount of carbs I was having.  I didn’t check my blood sugar or give insulin because its hard to do with a wiggling baby girl in arms.

After about 2 hours we left to go home.  The babies fell asleep in the car like little angels.  I checked and found my blood sugar to be 60.  Yes!  I get to have another something to eat or drink without giving insulin.  We went through the drive-thru at Starbucks and got coffee to warm us and raise my blood sugar a bit.  We drove around for a little longer to let the babies have a nap and then made it successfully home. 

I had to enjoy a very small dinner that evening (just a few chicken nuggets) but, it was worth it because had I ate more and tried to give insulin I would have been complicating my outing and my diabetes and I might have had a more severe low later on.  Or I could have not given enough insulin and been high later-which does not feel good while carrying a baby. 

I’m not saying one should never eat but, going low carb and using some strategic planning can go a long way. 

Regarding my diabetes, our little outing was easy and carefree.  That is how I like to best enjoy things. 

What sacrifices do YOU make as a diabetic when trying to multitask or do something challenging?

Oh by the way, I only got spit up on once.  :)

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