When your diabetes stresses out loved ones



You may have really understanding parents, siblings, husband, children, and friends.  Nevertheless, from time to time your diabetes will leak it’s stress onto them. 

Sometimes we get tired of dealing with our diabetes and let our control slip.  Maybe we have a hard week or month and the emotional turmoil spills onto others.  We are human and no matter how great we handle our diabetes, we are not as consistent as the disease itself. 

Our loved ones should be understanding-that is for sure.  We should also be understanding. 

Let me tell you a story of realization.  I always thought my husband had it real easy.  He has no health issues-in fact has never even had a headache and I just assumed he breezed through life. 

Then he had a skin biopsy.  A benign cyst was removed from his back which had been caused by some blow to the area (probably from sports years back).  It was rather large because he had procrastinated in getting it removed (its true, men don’t like going to the doctor).  His stitches had to be pulled out because the hole which remained was too large to heal that way.  So I had to maintain his wound by packing it each night with sterile paper like strips about 5-6 inches long which freaked me out.  The strips would just fall into the bloody abyss that was his wound and the only way I could handle it was by joking to him about being a stuffed animal. 

Because of this he had to take it easy on the heavy lifting.  Mind you we have twin 6 month infants weighing about 16-18 pounds each.  I completely understood why he couldn’t pick up our babies but, the stress of the situation got to me.  I even brought up the fact more than once that he could have had the cyst removed years ago had he just not procrastinated.  I was frustrated with having to do double lifting.  My frustration was aimed at the situation and yet he felt a little personally attacked. 

Then I thought about all of the times he was the one doing double duty with the babies because “mommy’s blood sugar is low” or because “mommy needs to check her blood sugar”.  There are also the times where I’m extra moody because of the diabetes and he also must deal with that.  And what about all of the worry he felt during my pregnancy as I shared with him all that could go wrong because of my diabetes?  What about the time I gave the wrong insulin by accident and he had to rush me to the hospital?  The list goes on and on.  He has a lot on his shoulders with me sometimes and yet he never makes me feel bad.  The point is…frustration from loved ones is inevitable and in fact, it happens because they love us and choose to be near us!  Thank goodness for that. 

What does need to happen?  We and they need to come to an understanding and decision that we may get frustrated but will not attack or belittle or guilt trip each other.  Things need to be kept within loving and respectful boundaries. 

Life is not easy and the key is to handle difficult times with grace.  I don’t pray as often as I’d like but, when I do I ask for grace in handling my diabetes and for my family’s understanding and patience.  Then I go back to doing my best at controlling my disease because that is truly the best way to help myself and everyone who loves me.

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