What do diabetics want?


Ask yourself, “what do I want most?”  (out of life, in general)

I polled a group of diabetics that same question.  Here were the answers:

“To feel good”

“To be healthy”

“To be more attractive”

“To lose weight”

“To not have to worry about money”

“To be happy”

“To enjoy the freedom non-diabetics enjoy”

All in all people generally want the same things.  We want to feel good, be happy,  healthy, and free, be attractive, and not worry about money.

It is pretty simple.  I then asked, “Do you feel you can acquire what it is you want most?”

Here is where I was shocked:  10 percent said “yes, with hard work”, 22 percent said “maybe”, 14 percent said, “I don’t even know where to start…” and the remaining 54 percent said “I don’t think so” or “No-too hard”. 

What???  Is this how so many of us really feel?  Hopeless? 

I know diabetes feels impossible but, hopeless is when we’re dead.  The people responding to these questions were between the ages of 18 and 35 meaning these are young people with diabetes. 

Most young people with diabetes have the ability to turn things around. 

One challenge we should all take on is to adopt a healthier lifestyle.  If you think healthy is eating a fat free cookie and covering the carbs in it with insulin while drinking a diet coke- think again.  We have to modify our thinking at this point.  If we have the wrong idea about what works and try hard at it, we will fail miserably.  If we know what works and try hard at it we will succeed.

So right now, forget trying to be free, fit into those jeans, or dye your hair.  For right now, just try to make your glucose average as close to what your doctor says it should be and try to keep it there most of the time. 

Begin slowly eating less carbs.  Eat more green veggies and less bread.  More protein and fat and less granola bars and fruit smoothies.  You will end up healthier, thus feeling better, and more free.  By eating better and not overeating you will lose weight and feel more attractive.  In the end you’ll be happier and empowered by your newfound health.  People who are happy and feel empowered usually have a higher self esteem and feel more motivated to do what they love and reach for their goals-increasing one’s chances of making more money.

Try this:  make a list of the things you want in life.  Then list immediate and long term actions you need to take in order to achieve those things.  Make yourself a map and follow it.  Do it because it will get you what you want and even good things you don’t know you want yet ;)

Its a new year, maybe you want to try what I’m trying which is to actually, for once, accomplish my New Year’s Resolutions

Whatever you do, don’t lose hope.  Its never too late to improve.  Good luck!

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  1. J Lindberg

    Great post!

    I just started following your tweets, and I’m loving pretty much everything you link to. I think it’s so important to touch on the emotional side of diabetes, how it affects individuals and families. Keep it up. ~Jonathan Lindberg

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