How I connected high blood sugar to delayed stomach emptying


Sometimes you got to play detective.  Here is my story:

I used to suffer from occasional periods of time where my blood sugar would be persistently high.  I would play cat and mouse with insulin and food just trying to normalize my blood sugars.

These periods would happen about every 3 or 4 weeks.  Strange.  And frustrating.

So I began taking notes:

-blood sugar been running high for 4 days

-need more than normal amount of insulin to lower high blood sugars

-feel fuller than normal lately and not very hungry

-been busy lately and have skipped a few workouts

-haven’t been drinking enough fluids and have had a few fast food meals this week

-haven’t been “regular” lately…maybe that is why I feel full?

hmmm…I called the doctor to ask if not having daily stomach emptying could cause insulin absorption to lessen.  He says, “It very well could but, I’m not sure”


I decided to do a colon cleanse and see what that did for my blood sugars. 

Oh. my. gosh.

First my blood sugar went really low.  Then I notice it became very easy for me to keep blood sugars stable AND I didn’t need as much insulin as before.  ( repeat tests of this have proven the same thing every time by the way)

Now, to get to the root of the problem:  I asked myself  “why do I suffer periods of time where I don’t “go” everyday?”

I looked back at my notes and realized I had not been drinking enough water or eating enough fiber or exercising enough.  All of this which contributes to this little problem of oh lets just say it-constipation. (yeah, I just winced)

Anyway, I changed my eating habits, began drinking enough water, made sure to keep exercising, and made sure to keep natural senna tea on hand (for emergencies only). 

The result?  I no longer suffer from this frustrating “strange phenomenon” of monthly insulin de-sensitization and lingering high blood sugars.  What a relief! 

And all I had to do was use this:  diabetic troubleshooting method.

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