Diabetic troubleshooting method


      How many times have we diabetics been surprised by our glucose numbers and scratched our puzzled heads?

Often we think we do everything right and yet some sort of pattern or issue emerges. 

Maybe you go a week suffering nighttime lows or highs.  Maybe after eating a particular type of meal you find your normal insulin dosing just isn’t working. 

What to do, what to do?

You troubleshoot. 

“But that’s my doctors job” you say?  No, it is your job and your doctor’s. 

Something that works well for me is keeping a diabetes journal or log or diary.  This isn’t like the ones which come with the meter where you write down your glucose and insulin and exercise for the day. 

I mean a place where you write down details not seemingly having to do with diabetes along with those which do.

You can find out all kinds of things about what affects your diabetes and doctors can put together all of your details into some actually helpful conclusions.

So get yourself a Moleskine (they are wonderful for note taking) and a cool pen and stick to it for one issue until you see how worthwhile the process is! 

Happy troubleshooting!

Oh and here is an example for you to read showing just how great this process works:  How I connected high blood sugar to delayed stomach emptying.

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