The best exercise for type 2 diabetics


For most type 2 diabetics, the best exercise is strength training exercise. 


Because as Dr. Bernstein states in his book, Dr. Bernstein’s Diabetes Solution this kind of exercise “deprives the muscles of oxygen; it tires them quickly and requires nineteen times as much glucose to do the same amount of work as aerobic exercise”. 

Just so we are clear:  jogging is aerobic, weight lifting is anaerobic.

I know that I personally have discovered for myself that strength training exercises which include calisthenics (push ups) and yoga, lower my blood sugar more than running.  See my article about yoga vs running here

I enjoy running and find it melts off the pounds so I am not saying anaerobic exercise is better than aerobic. 

I’m just saying that if you are a type 2 diabetic or are beginning to show signs of insulin resistance, you would mostly benefit from strength training exercises.  These could include push ups and lunges and anything where you use your own body weight as resistance.  Or you can lift weights-just be careful to be balanced in your approach.  You could also do yoga, which I personally favor because of the amazing things it does to the body and mind (example: how do you think Jennifer Aniston got that body?)

So, for a type 2 diabetic, adding these kinds of workouts a few times a week along with major reductions in carbohydrates may very well cure or much improve the diabetes. 

As always, talk to your doctor, but it definitely sounds like its worth a shot.

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