Diabetic women and yeast overgrowth

Just in case you need yet another reason to keep blood sugars in check, here I give you another good one:  preventing yeast overgrowth.

 I hear this is quite common in diabetic women and admit I’ve struggled with this myself. 

I’m talking about Candida yeast which can grow too much in one’s gut and create all kinds of health problems.  Symptoms and signs of candida yeast overgrowth are:

-feeling generally bad all over

-courses of antibiotics make you feel worse or don’t help when taken

-a craving for foods containing yeast like bread, alcoholic drinks and for any sugary or processed foods

-you regularly take birth control pills

-you have major pms

-you suffer from frequent infections, feelings of tiredness, food allergies

-you suffer from high blood sugars

This is a difficult thing to diagnose.  At a visit to the allergist the doctor discovered Candida yeast in my mucous membranes along with a TON of allergies. 

If you have these symptoms talk to your doctor.  You could mention the possibility of Candida yeast overgrowth.

With today’s diet, more and more people are growing too much candida in their gut. 

If you suspect this and want to try something to see if it alleviates your symptoms I suggest doing a few things which helped me a whole lot.

Stay away from any bread, cereal, crackers, pasta, and rice

-Don’t eat anything sweet-not even fruit

-Eat a lot of fresh vegetables (except for carrots and potatoes)

-Eat plenty of protein (and don’t forget organic eggs-they are awesome for you)

-Enjoy yogurt every day but, with one caveat:  buy the unsweetened or least sweetened versions you can find

-Don’t skip any meals (and place cut up raw veggies in plastic bags to encourage you to snack on healthy foods when you are hungry)

-Definitely avoid alcoholic drinks

-Last but not least, try your best at keeping blood sugars within the acceptable range.  Yeast loves and grows abundantly on sugar and high blood sugar literally makes Candida yeast that much worse.

If you are serious about getting down to what is making you feel miserable and wonder if this is why, try doing these things for a month. 

In the end it is possible you don’t suffer from Candida yeast overgrowth.  If that happens at least you will have lived one heck of a healthy month! 

Maybe some good habits can be created.  If you feel better after one month you know now to go to your doctor and explain just what you did to feel better.  This deserves some looking into.

Hope you feel better soon!

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