Treating lows may add pounds by the end of the year


One of the most stressful things I deal with is carrying just a few extra pounds around.  I’m not overweight but, I know where I’d like to be and I struggle to get there.  When I do the math, I realize treating low blood sugar or preventing it during exercise with juice or glucose tablets adds up to plenty of unwanted pounds by the end of the year. 

It is no wonder to lose weight I feel like I have to run double the miles or for twice as long as the next girl.  Or I have to eat less than her.  I work hard just to NOT gain weight.  Obviously it is better to exercise than to not but, sometimes I feel like exercise complicates things.  I have to try and do it at the same time every day or I get more blood sugar fluctuations.  I also have to have snacks or juice nearby to combat the drop in glucose during the workout.  That is another thing.  I hate stopping in the middle of yoga to go get sugar.  And yet another thing!  I’m trying to be all healthy and there I am, being forced to take in sugar.

In the end, I know exercise is well worth the hassle.  And I have been able to lose weight.  It just takes twice the effort and time.  If I have to walk around with 15-20 extra pounds…I’ll survive.  What I won’t survive easily is not taking care of my diabetes and taking care of it includes exercising. 

If you are having too many low blood sugar episodes talk to your doctor.  You need to fine tune the control so that you don’t have too many episodes (which are risky) and so you aren’t guzzling juice or popping glucose tablets all day long.

Tip:  Doing the same workout at the same time every day helps you know how your body is going to react so you can anticipate your blood sugars.

Tip:  Find out what number your glucose needs to be so that you will not need to stop your workout for sugar.  Example:  maybe you need to begin at 140 instead of 115.  I do this before yoga and it typically means I end up at 80!  (Obviously this varies depending on circumstances but, it usually works well!)

Tip:  When beginning a workout routine, for the first couple work outs, check before, during, and after in order to find out how a workout affects your sugars.  This is important because different workouts affect your sugars in different ways.  For example if my blood sugar is 120 before running it is usually 100 after running.  If my sugar is 120 before yoga, it is usually around 60 afterwards-big difference.

Forgive yourself for those few extra pounds.  You work so hard-give yourself a break.  And yeah yeah… I’ll try to do the same :)

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