Top 5 diabetic snacks


These all have one thing in common-low carbohydrate count.  And diabetics benefit from eating things that don’t highly impact blood sugar.  Non-diabetics would still be encouraged these snacks because it keeps insulin levels low-and that lowers all sorts of health risks. 

So, in no particular order…


5.  Raw Veggies

If you need a dip, fresh guacamole or hummus are great options!

4.  Nuts

Walnuts are best for their omega fat content. 

3.  Beef Jerky

Plenty of protein

2.  Hard Boiled Eggs 

Just be sure to get organic eggs.

1.  Avocado

It is the best fruit a diabetic can have (since it is so low in carbs) and it has healthy fats!  Just don’t overdo it.

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