Don’t let your environment sabotage your diabetic diet


 One of the most important influences on our diet (maybe the most important influence) is our environment.  Most people around us don’t have to eat like us and this causes great pressure.

Here is something that should make things easier:  Knowing everyone else SHOULD be eating like us.  Medical science has confirmed that humans do better when insulin levels are low.  This means everyone should avoid sweets and processed food-not just us diabetics.

Living in the US makes things even more challenging for diabetics and so it is no wonder we have a diabetic epidemic on our hands. 

So what is a diabetic to do?  We must specifically decide what we want out of life and stick to a plan to get it.  One thing we want is to stick to our diabetic diet so we stay healthy and to do this we have to not allow our environment to mess it up.

For a long time I allowed what everyone around me ate to really get to me.  It took years to realize I couldn’t afford to eat like them and frankly neither could they (although they might experience the damage later than I would). 

I felt I would seem out of place if I didn’t go to town on the brownies at the get together or have soda and whiskey at the party.  There is irony here you know?  We often look up to famous actors, athletes, and authors and wish we could be more like them.  Yet, maybe we don’t realize that to be like them we need to be more like ourselves?  What I mean is, these people became something because they chose to be different.  The actor or actress was brave and moved to Hollywood unlike their peers from acting class.  The athlete practiced long after practice was over.  The successful author got up early every day to write, while millions of other writers still slept. 

We are diabetics and when we place discipline upon of one of the most crucial aspects of our disease-what we eat, then we are in a better position to let our unique selves take center stage, instead of the diabetes.  Be proud that you can eat right, even if that means eating different from everyone else around you.  Besides, you might inspire someone to better themselves :)

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