Minimalist cooking for diabetics

Oil Olive and condiments.

Lately I’ve been doing a lot of on-the-go eating. I’ve even given meal delivery a thought or two (I read a bunch of reviews on Consumers Advocate, but I haven’t pulled the trigger yet).  I eat breakfast while jumping over baby gates with one baby in arms and another trying to hitch a ride on my legs.  Long gone are the days I would eat a carefully assembled egg and vegetable omelet with organic chicken sausages…

I have proven to myself one can eat healthy while in a hurry.  Organic chicken in a can with some raw veggies on the side.  Yes, it can be done.  Yet, honestly?  Eating cold chicken and broccoli gets tiresome so it is best to vary eating that way.

This led me to check out some minimalist cooking sites on the web such as The Stone soup blog which has some great, easy, and diabetic friendly recipes (check out the salads!)  The idea is to keep ingredients fresh and to a minimum.  This also means a short preparation time.

With a little planning ahead of time you can make yourself some divine gourmet-like recipes.  (In fact something about gourmet food is that it is fresh and simplistic, more about quality rather than quantity.)

It takes getting used to but, once you adapt to acquiring a taste for less-is-more food, you’ll never go back to Wendy’s.

Mexican food is huge in the United States and it is making us more huge.  All those tortillas…(shaking head)…Did you know authentic Mexican is healthier?  My parents gave my husband and I (the hubby is from Mexico) a great cookbook a while back called Fresh Mexican by Mónica Medina-Mora and Angeles Ayala.  I was stunned to find delicious, healthy, modern, and simple soups like Black bean and salads like Baby spinach and mushroom.  Let’s not forget my husband’s favorite Chicken breast with pine nut sauce.  All of these keep carbohydrate intake low and where there are carbs, there is fiber-a big help to a diabetic diet.

So no, I don’t have time to whip up homemade bread or apple pie, but, I shouldn’t be eating much of that stuff either.

Anyone have any good, simple, recipes to share?  I promise I’ll try them out, even if this happens around 10pm when the kids are asleep.

Share your simple and healthy go-to recipes in the comments section!

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