Sinus infection cure (hint: it isn’t an antibiotic!)


I began having allergies over a decade ago as a teenager.  I happen to be allergic to trees, grasses, molds, dust mites, cats, dogs, and different foods.  I get allergy shots every week.  Because of these year round indoor and outdoor allergies and a deviated septum, I lived out 10 full years with ongoing sinus infections.  I was given so many courses of antibiotics those antibiotics no longer do the trick.  The diabetes doesn’t respond well to infection so for years I was miserable in more ways than one.

Then one day an Ear Nose Throat (ENT) doctor steering me away from surgery had me try a sinus rinse by NeilMed.  You can go to their website here.  Basically, this squirt bottle comes with packets of special solution for your sinuses.  You fill it with sterile or distilled water, pour in the powder from a packet, give it a shake, and you squirt up one nostril at a time while leaning over the sink.  Sounds gross, but when you feel the mucus you haven’t been able to get out just flowing out (eww, I know) you will never go back.

Why?  Because, you will feel immediate relief.  Right away the tension in your sinuses is relieved and your headache relaxes.  You can breathe through your nose and feel clean and clear.  It gets better!  If you have a sinus infection and do this several times a day for a week, I promise your infection will be gone or almost gone by the end of the week.

Taking antibiotics messes up the balance of good and bad bacteria in your gut and weakens your immune system so you are more likely to develop another infection or catch a virus.

Antibiotics are great if you have a life threatening infection and wham! It saves your life.  What happens if you are in this position but, have taken too many antibiotics for small infections?  What if the bacteria in your body resists the antibiotic?  Uh oh, not good if you need life saving.

I have been using the Neil Med sinus rinse for three years now and haven’t had any more sinus infections.  As soon as allergies start overwhelming me I start rinsing a couple times a week (which takes 2 minutes) and voila!  No, infections here.  Glucose numbers stay where they should.  And I feel great.

I share this with you all because I wish I had known about the rinse long ago.  Instead, I had to suffer through many years of chronic pain and sinus infections (and I missed a lot of school and work, too).  But, you don’t have to.

So, if you have any kind of allergy issues, sinus problems, work inhaling dust or chemicals or smoke, you should try a nasal rinse.  It is cheap, effective, and safe.  Reminder for fellow diabetics:  during an infection, try extra hard to keep glucose levels steady to help your body fight the infection.

Has anyone tried a sinus rinse?  Did it work for you?  Let us know in the comments!

Happy allergy season to ya,



Do not use tap water for your sinus rinse because people have died from doing this when they contracted brain eating amoebas that entered the brain through the sinuses.

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  1. Leslie

    I have horrible sinus pressure headaches! It’s been like 6 month of reoccurring episodes and the doctor just have me antibiotics and sinus meds but nothing. I have tried the rinse and it is amazing! It has to be this brand though because I bought a pharmacy brand one and it was horrible! Thanks for sharing the info!!

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