Where can a diabetic woman find great shoes?



Where can you find comfortable yet fabulous, diabetic-friendly but, date-friendly shoes?


I rarely get excited about a company but, I can tell you I get excited about Zappos.

Zappos has every type of shoe imaginable.  I get stressed shoe shopping because I like a big selection.  A diabetic woman needs to find comfortable shoes.  She doesn’t want shoes that make her feel like she has sacrificed style, however.  So I really like that Zappos has a huge selection, awesome, zoomed in pictures of every shoe, thorough descriptions, and buyer reviews (positive and negative) to really help you pick the right shoe. 

They even give you free shipping BOTH ways AND let you return shoes within a YEAR of purchase in the case you didn’t get what you were looking for. 

No, I’m not getting paid to talk nice about Zappos.  I’m just aware that a lot of diabetics get fed up with finding a diabetic friendly shoe and end up going with whatever they could find at the department store-a shoe they weren’t so crazy about but, found a squishy and sensible factor to them so they said, “these will do”.  Don’t settle for shoes you don’t love!  I know from experience that Zappos is how I find great looking and great fitting shoes. 

You know diabetic neuropathy is no joke, so make sure your feet are feeling good!   Just don’t forget your diabetic soul and make sure you love how you look in them, too :)

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