You gotta love those times in life where you know you are moving too fast and furious for your diabetes to keep up.  They challenge us more than we are already being challenged and allow us to grow.  And yet, all I feel is tired.

I just spent the past couple of days packing to move, fighting pms symptoms, nursing a cold, taking care of my twin’s colds and dealing with a hacker on my site (the nerve!). 

So let me ask you, what do you do with your diabetes when life throws a couple speed balls at you? 

I have had a few more low blood sugars than I am accustomed to having.  All the moving around and lifting makes me hungry and so I snack more and then give more insulin.  Then I move around more and woops, blood sugar drops again.  I have also had a few more highs.  Granted, nothing over 160 but, still.  It isn’t fun picking up large boxes and 20 pound babies with blood sugar over 120…because of the sluggish feeling you know?

Anyway, my strategy has been a little more loose than normal.  I’ve been thinking that every now and then it is ok to ease up on the diabetes just a tad.  Just in order to prevent insanity. 

Example:  I took the kids out for their daily stroller ride but forgot my juice in the house.  After all it is hard to carry with two other people in my arms. Before we go out my blood sugar is where I like it, right around 100.  Eventually, I get low at the end of the street and start gunning for the house, (must have looked funny since I was going down hill).  Then, I run in the house, grab the juice and come back out to find my little boy torturing his sister.  He has been in a biting frenzy lately with new teeth coming in.  Unfortunately for my daughter he has 6 big teeth to bite her with.  And that is what he is doing.  I run to save her and then drink my juice.  Then I smell something.  Then I see a leak.  Ugh… really?  I have to get in the house feeling jittery and weak, with two babies, one of which is leaking…and somehow not break my wrist.  sigh…  So we get cleaned up and my blood sugar gets low again!  This time we are upstairs watching Dora.  Ok so here we go again down the stairs holding two big babies and praying my blood sugar isn’t too, too low. 

I sit down and think, “this is hard enough without the diabetes”.  I figure I need to carry a tote around my waist…otherwise known as the “uncool” fanny pack so that I always have sugar ON me.  I also figure I need to lower lantus just a little or run blood sugars a tad higher to combat the all day physical work I do with my two 10 month olds. 

What do you do when things get hectic?  Other than sigh……

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