Moving Day

No one likes moving.  Until it is all over with of course.  I just moved from a house to an apartment.  (An upgrade, thankfully)  It was a hectic experience since we felt rushed.  My mother was with the twins and I didn’t want her to have to bear the task alone for too long.  Question:  why don’t they make cribs that can fit through doorways?  Luckily my dad took both cribs apart and assembled them back together again so I didn’t have to put the babies in drawers or something. 

The other thing that made moving day rough was my blood sugar did something it rarely ever does-go up to 300.  Not cool when lifting 50 pound boxes (which I have to be a part of because I find it super fun!).  I was so excited about the move I went to bed late and got up really early.  This serious lack of sleep usually means high blood sugars in the morning for me and this time was no exception.  Has this ever happened to you?  Anyway, It was hard to get down so I ended up moving heavy things for several hours before normalizing blood sugars.  This meant that for the next couple days I had to deal with seriously sore muscles.  All while taking care of two babies and unpacking everything.  Not to mention I feel really blah now because I didn’t eat anything that day until 7pm and that is not what one should do while healing from a bad cold…

I’m one of those people who doesn’t like feeling behind or cluttered and I am both. 

Next time I get excited, remind me to just go to bed! 

Good night!


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