What will you do with your diabetic supplies once it gets hot out?

This is a good time for all of us to remember that this time of year is when we must find a way to keep our stuff cool.

Insulin doesn’t work as well when exposed to heat.  Insulin pumps must be protected from too much heat and even our meters shouldn’t bake in the sun. 

So what can we do?

Make sure to invest in something that you feel comfortable using to keep your things cool.  Aside from what you own for daily use you need something for when you are outside at the park, or the pool, or the beach. 

I’ve discovered a product called FRIO cool pouches.  They are amazing, are loved by beach and extreme sports enthusiasts alike, and come in great colors.  They work without ice!  They get activated with water so nothing has to stop you while you are out on the go. 

And most importantly your insulin will work how they are supposed to. 

Have an insulin pump?

Use a cover or case on it when in the sun and if you need to be out for long periods of time in the heat-just change your infusion set more frequently so you have fresh and optimally functioning insulin.

Let us know in comments what pouches/products you use to keep your supplies cool and if you would recommend them! 

I, myself am on the lookout for a good pouch for the meter…

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