How to explain to your guy that your diabetes is SERIOUS

 Look him in the eyes sort of like this…


This is a must when you are in a serious relationship.  You are not diabetes but, you are a diabetic so do remember how important it is your loved ones understand exactly what you are dealing with.

First of all, they need all of the basic technical information.  You know, what is diabetes, hypoglycemia, insulin, etc.  Then a bridge must be made between all of that information and the knowledge that although insulin keeps you alive and kicking, diabetes is very serious and for a diabetic, maintaining health is often a delicate balance and a never ending struggle.

No need to get dramatic here, BUT, it helps both of you if your partner is clued into the facts.  When your blood sugar is up or down it helps to explain to him what it is you are feeling.  A good guy will think about how amazing you are.  You feel like that and yet you carry on all fabulous like.

He will also begin to anticipate little ways to help you.  When my husband and I dated he eventually stocked bottles of juice in his truck for me-just as back up.  We often went hiking or climbing and he quickly figured out how exercise would really push my sugars down. 

And no, he didn’t know my diabetes was serious at the beginning.  That took some time.  Don’t expect your guy to remember everything you tell him and don’t give him all the info at once.  It took you sometime to know all you do about your diabetes and the same goes for him. 

Something you do want to do:  observe how he reacts to your diabetes.  You don’t want him to start panicking when you test and your sugar is low but, you do want to see concern and a willingness from him to quickly help in any way he can.  After all, a good guy is like this whether you’re a diabetic or not, right?

A big thanks to all of the great guys out there who support us diabetic women, we know it isn’t easy and we love ya!

One thought on “How to explain to your guy that your diabetes is SERIOUS

  1. Sherry

    Sorry this didn’t help me explain to my husband of 30 years,about being a diabetic. Oh he’ll say what’s you blood sugar reading today?
    and if it’s high he’ll say you better sit down and rest awhile, than he will take off or make plans for a day away with his sons.
    And I am left alone for hours or a couple of days,Not realizing I could go into sugar shock,a stroke,etc. I don’t want to scare him,but he just doesn’t understand, you see I have always been his caregiver,and doesn’t realize the risk that may arrive or the battle it is everyday of a diabetic life. What to do, I don’t know, what to say, I don’t know……….all I can do is pray to god.
    Thank You for listening.

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