Why should you go organic?

My dad likes to make a joke about organic food.  Every time someone says some food isn’t organic he says, “of course its organic!”  Good one dad.

While all food IS organic matter, in today’s world, the word organic has a whole new meaning.  It often tends to evoke a tree hugging, sandal-wearing, crazed PETA supporting hippie or a rich, stuck up, better-than-thou “health nut”.

Yet, lots of people are catching on and trying to buy more organic foods.  Too many however,  are still saying organic food is either unnecessary, for snobs, or too expensive. 

This may sound a little harsh but I feel that organic food is only unnecessary to the unaware, snobbish to the overly proud, and too expensive for those with their priorities in the wrong place.

So lets answer the question:  why should you go organic? 

There are more reasons than just saving the environment:

First of all, produce used to be just fine.  It had nothing wrong with it.  Now however, due to mass production of foods, crops are heavily sprayed with chemicals (pesticides and herbicides), are genetically engineered, and are grown without giving the earth sufficient rest or rotation so the ground is sucked dry of nutrients-and thus your food. 

They say you must eat a whole lot more vegetables than you used to just to get the same amount of vitamins and minerals.  That’s not cool.  I don’t know about you but I don’t have the time or the stomach for 3 salads a day.

So what does all this stuff mean for your health?  Well, do a search on it.  Last I checked, chemicals were not good to ingest (especially for little ones).  Genetically engineered foods are like a massive experiment.  These foods alter our DNA-something we probably don’t want done.  Last but not least, do we really want to have to rely on multivitamins which aren’t absorbed as well as vitamins and minerals from whole foods? 

I don’t eat organic to be better than anyone, I just want to be healthy.  Since having diabetes I feel I need to do all I can just to be even with someone who doesn’t take care of themselves but, doesn’t have diabetes.  I feel like I try harder and still get stuck behind.  Eating organic is a way to boost health-something all diabetics could really use.

I do understand the concern about how expensive organic food is.  Honestly, I have to make cuts to afford it since I quit my job to stay home with my twin babies.  I don’t have TV just so I have extra money to pay for my children’s organic baby food (which surely impacts the wallet).  I also won’t be vacationing at the beach this summer either. 

My hope is my kids will grow up healthy, without chemicals and food that has been altered at it’s cellular level.  When they grow up and move out of the house they can eat all the Doritos and ice cream they want but, at least I know I will have done my best to give them the best shot in life a parent can give their child.  After all, we diabetics definitely know how precious good health is.  I know I do. 

So maybe I haven’t convinced you to go all organic, maybe you could just try switching to organic milk for starters.  Anything helps.  There are lists out there stating which vegetables and fruits you should buy organic and which you don’t have to.  Check those out and then save money where you can.  Personally, I try to get most fruits and vegetables, meat, chicken, and lentils (like beans) organic.  I try not to snack on processed foods too much so those I buy non-organic in limited quantities (remember organic sugar is just as bad as regular sugar because it is still sugar). 

Do know I’m not some rich chick trying to tell you all that the hip thing to do is eat pure foods. 

I’m just a fellow diabetic girl trying to make it in one piece to my 100th birthday. 

Are there any other reasons why someone wouldn’t eat organic foods?  Anything I failed to mention?  Please share in the comments :)

4 thoughts on “Why should you go organic?

  1. German Morales

    Well daughter, your passion and example are an inspiration to us in the continued changes in our diet: from reducing junkfood intake to the gradual replacement of the unorganic organics by the organic organic foods. Great article.

  2. Mitra

    OK, this is a really cute comment thread! And I agree with your Dad — it’s a very good article. As mama to two little ones I’m constantly trying to find more ways to afford organic food for my fam. Your article re-inspired me — thanks.

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