Does your doctor want you to use a CGMS?


CGMS:  Continuous Glucose Monitoring System

I’ve discovered through the diabetes forums that one of the major reasons diabetics don’t have a CGMS is their doctor doesn’t see the need.  I know all about this…I wanted one during my pregnancy and my doctor said it was unnecessary and possibly counterproductive.  He and his colleague said it might hurt me to seek tighter control. 

Seriously?  I thought tight control was beneficial!  Besides, did he miss the part where this thing beeps in the middle of the night when blood sugar gets dangerously low?  I fought to get one and lost the battle. 

I was so upset I said “forget it” and bought a watch that has many alarms on it.  I also set my alarm clock for different times during the night all so I could remember to test my sugar frequently during the pregnancy.  I also know how to eat in order to prevent blood sugar from fluctuating much and that helped a whole lot.  And so I managed to keep a 5.3% A1c throughout a very challenging pregnancy.

Still, I see the enormous appeal of  CGMS and believe that if a diabetic wants one, a doctor should at least support them in trying it out.  Maybe they won’t find it very useful, but, if they do-that’s great!  Any help to a diabetic’s control is a huge and wonderful thing.

So I’m wondering…how many of you out there use one?  Was it easy to convince your doctor?  Was it difficult?  Let us know in the comments!

2 thoughts on “Does your doctor want you to use a CGMS?

  1. Nathan

    It took me a while to convince my insurance to let me get one. I am on year 2 with it now. One thing that might have been working against diabetics with tight control is that if you achieved good control without it, so it’s hard for the doctor to make a case that you need it. I believe the criteria for convincing the insurance company were that you had to have frequent lows, hypo unawareness and poor overall control. Great rewards for being successful, eh?
    I think my doctor prescribed one for me twice before I was actually approved. I find the information to be really useful, especially when you are in an atypical streak and things are hard to figure out.

  2. Sysy Post author

    Thanks for your comment, Nathan. The last I’ve heard is I’m still not approved based on my A1c (which I think is leaving out all sorts of possibilities, such as in the case of someone who has a lot of blood sugar fluctuation). I will keep trying to see if they approve me! It does seem very helpful.

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