New Year’s Resolutions for May and June

That looks fun, remind me to pretend my living room is the beach


Yes, I am aware we are half-way into May and I am just now remembering that I am supposed to be doing New Year’s Resolutions. (oops)

Now that I have finished settling into my new home I can get back into the swing of things.

So, how did March and April go with my goal to eat healthier

Pretty good, I must say.  It is easy to get into a habit of skipping meals or snacking on cereal when busy but, that really wasn’t cutting it for me-or my blood sugars.

Luckily my kids (now 11 months old) recently transitioned into an easier phase.  They entertain each other more, they crawl about and cruise along the furniture and walls.  So while they did their thing, I sneaked into the kitchen keeping one eye on them and another on the fridge and thought, “What is healthy and quick to put together?”

I managed to put vegetables into a steamer with salt and pepper or my new favorite dressing: ginger sauce!  I began cooking more meat and chicken at once so that I would have it in the fridge ready to heat up throughout the week.  Natural salsa became a great addition to chicken or fish.  Black beans and avocado are great and easy sides.  Oh and it did help that my mother brought me a delicious and healthy meal when she came to help out with the children. 

When I felt I needed a treat I had some organic dark chocolate by Dagoba or Green and Black’s (both ridiculously good).  This doesn’t impact blood sugar very much (as long as you keep it dark that is) and ohh the endorphins….

Anyway, now for May and June the goal was to get back into an exercise routine of some kind.  The babies have taken their first steps and don’t plead to be carried so often.  This has allowed my severely injured tendons and carpel tunnel to heal to about 90%.  Pushing a double stroller has also helped get all the muscles realigned. 

So my hope in January was to be able to start yoga back up by June and now that I’m finally able to put weight on my hands again, I’m going for it! 

During the past month I have lost 5 pounds just pushing my kids in the stroller a couple times a week and now I’m going to get flexible and toned again with yoga.  (I can fit into my old jeans but, I am squishier than before.)  It might be challenging to get through a full hour though because when I’m on the floor my children think of me as a fun obstacle course.  So we’ll see how it goes. 

The goal will be to try to do a full hour of yoga each morning at the same time (to help keep sugars regular).  Just a note:  this is besides the stroller walks and dance and play time with the kids.  Exercise might just be living well.

Wish me luck!

And what about your New Year’s Resolutions or goals?  I know you’ve got some. 

I’m following Leo Babauta’s The 6 Changes Method.  It is working great for me, I encourage you to give it a try and let us know in the comments how it goes!

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