Let’s be grateful diabetics


It’s really challenging to be grateful as a diabetic.  Especially if you are a type 1.  I mean, the odds that someone would get type 1 diabetes is really slim.  So when it is you, naturally you feel quite ungrateful. 

At my previous job about a year and a half ago I had to work with a man to plan and schedule training for the company I worked for.  When he was set to present his information I couldn’t help but notice the background on his computer screen.  It was a high rise building surrounded by tons of trash and fragile looking tent structures.  I immediately got curious and that is when a coworker of mine asked the man, “Hey, you want to explain that?”  The man said, “Sure, sure!” 

He told us he recently went to India for a few weeks with his work.  He talked about how dirty, smelly, and crowded it was.  He said the poverty there was beyond our imaginations.  We all listened intently as he passionately described what he saw, felt, and heard.  Tears filled his eyes and as he excused himself for getting emotional he said, “It’s just that the people I met were so poor-yet so grateful.  They were grateful for every bit of what they owned, the people in their lives, the work they had.  They were grateful for the one or two meals they got to eat, and they were grateful for waking up to another day-one full of potential and small joys!  I keep this picture up here as a reminder for myself at the beginning of every day when I turn on my computer.  I use this picture to remember to be grateful.”

The hairs on my body rose.  I’ve always been quite affected by emotional stuff so this was a natural reaction for me but, I looked around and a room full of men hung their heads solemnly or looked compassionately at the man who had been to India.  We all had an unspoken moment of silence before getting back to business. 

I never forgot the man’s recollection and tend to think about it whenever I complain about something trivial. 

Reading on the subject of being grateful or thankful helped me realize the most successful people in the world carry this trait.  Holistically successful people that is.  The ones who not only accomplish something but, remain mentally, emotionally, spiritually, and physically intact.  I’m talking about those with great relationships, personal dignity, high values, a humble willingness to learn, and last but not least, a really big heart.

I imagine that if I was just more grateful all of my problems would diminish.  I’m so grateful that I am alive and well, have a great family, have more than enough money, sleep in a super comfy bed at night, and have insulin, syringes, and a meter to help me take care of my disease. 

There is a lot more to add to that list each day and a habit I want to get into is to think each day about what I should be grateful for. 

So less whining and more thanking :)  What do you think?

While we are deep in thought…here is a link to Feed the Children.

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