This produces more diabetics than IHOP restaurants

I’m going to tell you something you won’t like.  You have to put a stop to senseless TV viewing.  I’m not telling you to throw your set out the window.  But you should control the amount you watch.

Statistics show people watch an average of 4 hours of TV a day.  4 hours?!

And I was feeling guilty about my 4-5 hours a week…

How does this tie into making diabetics?

In several different ways…

Watching lots of TV has been studied and proven to increase the amount of food one eats.  It also increases the amount of junk food or “comfort” food one eats.  And why wouldn’t it?  If I sit on a cozy couch and watch a commercial for brownie mix how am I not going to want something warm, sweet, and chocolatey while watching Grey’s Anatomy?

Also, those 4 hours of TV a day translate to 4 hours of being sedentary.  This is after many of us have spent a large part of our day sitting in a chair for work and sitting in a vehicle.

TV also has shown to cause depression.  Aside from the fact that it decreases activity and increases food intake, it also gives us a feeling of emptiness.  We live vicariously through the people on the screen.  We cheer their victories and we cry at their tragedies.  We swoon when the guy kisses the girl and our adrenaline rushes when the man with the gun points it at one of our favorite actors.  When its time to go to sleep and we shut off the television set we walk away feeling a bit down.  I mean none of that actually happened to us, in fact none of it happened at all!  (Except for reality TV I guess)  

The point is, those 4 hours we spent living through others could have been spent on our own lives.  We could have spent one of those hours being more patient with one of our kids as they sought help with their homework.  We could have spent another doing some exercise and been “The biggest loser” in our own life.  We could have spent a third hour conversing with an elderly parent who is lonely and possibly has no other alternative than to watch the mind numbing television set.  And we could have spent yet another hour cooking a really healthy and delicious meal for the family.  Something you made with love and creativity versus something you heated up because the ad you watched made you crave it.

Like I said before, I’m not urging you to chuck your precious TV.  Remember what your mom said, “everything in moderation”.  Try picking a few shows to follow and then just stick with watching them only.  For example, I don’t have TV so what I do is follow a few shows such as LOST and watch them on the computer a couple nights a week (did you know you could do that for free?  check out  This way I don’t pay extra for TV and don’t get sucked in by its hypnotizing charm but, still get to enjoy some of it.

So don’t turn on the tube and turn into a diabetic (or worsen the control of your diabetes).  You deserve to live better than that!

Find something better to do.  That is what big blogger Seth Godin does.  And he has found time to be successful.  Check out what he says about TV here.

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