Must read book for diabetic women who are pregnant or considering pregnancy

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The following is a review of Cheryl Alkon’s new book, Balancing Pregnancy with Pre-existing Diabetes: Healthy Mom, Healthy Baby.

Before continuing please know I choose to only give unbiased reviews.

I was very blessed with my pregnancy last year.  All three of us ended up just fine (I had twins).  So even though this book was published just after my pregnancy I was still extremely interested in checking it out.  “How helpful would it have been?”, I thought to myself. 

If you’re reading this you are most likely a diabetic and know what it is like to worry about your health. 

Well, as you might imagine a pregnancy adds loads of worry!  I told a friend recently that I wasn’t kidding when I said I got tons of grey hairs during my pregnancy.  I was a total mess!

I would seek out information about other diabetic women having babies and wouldn’t find anything except the generic “It can be done but, pregnancy in diabetics carries many risks…blah blah blah”.  I wanted to ask women who had been there some questions but, I couldn’t find anyone to ask.  I can’t tell you how many women with gestational diabetes told me, “Oh you’ll be fine, its no biggie!”  Yet, pre-existing diabetes is a biggie and pregnancy on top of that is a biggie, too. 

I felt very alone and my 8 months of pregnancy were quite miserable-albeit spotted with a few miraculous and joyful moments like when my babies swam in my belly.

Cheryl’s book is generously filled with different women’s accounts on their pregnancies with pre-existing diabetes and after reading it, I wanted to cry.  I realized I wasn’t alone last year.  Here were all of these women feeling the same things I was and experiencing the same things and struggling with the same things. 

Had I known then about this book (and had it been published then), I would have paid many times the cost of the book.  The relief I would have experienced from all of the information in this book would have been priceless. 

So I wholeheartedly and firmly recommend this book to any diabetic woman (even with type 2 diabetes) who is considering pregnancy, trying to get pregnant, or even 6 months pregnant.  Why?  Because of mainly 2 reasons:

1.  This book is a result of a lot of well done research.  I do tons of research myself and still managed to learn a lot from this book.  I would have taken this book along to every doctor visit as a companion and reminder of things I might want to discuss with the doctor. This would have been ideal because believe me if you haven’t experienced “pregnancy brain” yet, you will and you’ll know how great it is to have a reference book to guide your concerns, questions, and issues.  Other books are helpful but, not catered to the uniqueness of a pregnancy of someone with pre-existing diabetes, be it type 1 or 2.

2.  For me this second reason is as valuable as the first.  This book will give you inspiration by knowing many other women have had successful pregnancies despite being diabetic.  You will definitely be relieved by the accounts and details bared.  Many people in today’s medical field do not place a lot of attention on a patient’s emotional and psychological state.  I think it makes an enormous difference for mom to feel assured and baby to sense that peace and calmness.  Dad will benefit from this too, I’m pretty sure ;)

I’m grateful this book is out there for women to purchase and would make a great gift for a female family member or friend.  (It would be awesome if medical facilities could distribute the book to diabetic women, as well.)

Check out Cheryl’s blog, Managing the Sweetness Within where she has chronicled her journey with infertility and a successful pregnancy.  She also just delivered super big news that you may be interested in following-I know I am.

Stay tuned for a great interview with Cheryl coming up in less than 24 hours!

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