Halle Berry doesn’t let diabetes age her

43 years vs 36 years old (looks the same to me)


I just saw an “ageless stars” feature on yahoo.  It has old pictures of Hollywood stars like Jennifer Aniston and Tom Cruise paired against recent photos of them and yeah…they look pretty much the same despite 8-10 years or so passing by.  Pretty amazing.  (Of course they have all of the resources for this…) 

Anyway, the reason I clicked on the link in the first place was because it features Halle Berry.  She has had type 2 diabetes for a very long time.  Yet, haven’t we all heard how diabetes is a degenerative disease meaning it ages you prematurely?

Forget about all of the accessibility this woman has to personal trainers and chefs, Botox, and plastic surgery (I’ve never heard of her using the two latter by the way).  You can’t hide a healthy look.  What I mean is you can’t take an overweight and unhealthy person and make them look as healthy as she does.  Sure, Halle Berry has great genes.  Yet, 2 decades of uncontrolled diabetes would have most certainly shown up on her by now.  I can literally see that she takes care of her diabetes.

The times I’ve read interviews with her have always revealed something consistent.  She is very strict with her diabetes management.  She supposedly tests several times a day, exercises every day, and maintains a very strict diet low in sugar and starchy foods.  She used to take insulin and gradually worked her way out of that need. 

I always worry that because of being diabetic I’ll end up looking a decade older than I really am.  After all, that’s what doctors used to say.  And I’ve already got about 20 grey hairs (thats right, I counted them) and although going grey early simply runs in my family, I can’t help but wonder if I wasn’t a diabetic would I have any at all?  Maybe it is just paranoia.  The other day while buying wine a lady cards me and proclaims, “Uh uh honey, you can’t be 27!  You look 18!”  She has a few others look at my ID and while everyone is determining whether or not my ID is a fake I think to myself, “Maybe I am just paranoid…”

So my inspiration will continue to be people who manage to beat negative stereotypes about diabetes-like aging very quickly.

We should all strive to keep our insides looking good.  The outside will fall in line.  So remember, focus on keeping those glucose numbers in check!  Even Halle Berry has to do it.

3 thoughts on “Halle Berry doesn’t let diabetes age her

  1. Lyrehca

    HI–I haven’t heard that about aging and diabetes, and honestly, with Botox, exercise, eating well, and frankly, hair dye, anyone can look great. I suspect that Ms. Berry works hard to maintain her look, since that’s part of her job description, and with the money she earns, it’s easy to hire and work with a personal trainer.

  2. Sysy Post author

    Diabetes is a degenerative disease and it can gradually do damage to many parts of the body. When someone’s insides are suffering any kind of damage, their outside reflects this. Obviously this is more or less depending on a person’s diabetes management. When my blood sugars were out of control for example, my skin was really dry and cracked, my hair started falling out, and I began retaining lots of extra fluid-none of these things are attractive. I don’t see on Halle Berry what I saw (and couldn’t disguise) on me. So what I notice is that she looks as if she does take good care of her diabetes and I applaud her because whether we want her to be or not, she is a role model for diabetic girls out there. I’m glad she openly discusses her good lifestyle habits and claims to test multiple times a day. Personally, I want to look healthy (looking healthy = looking good) and this means keeping those blood sugars in a healthy range.

  3. Charles Scott

    Amazing! This is what I can definitely say about Halle Berry and how she was able to combat sickness and the number of years that inevitably add to her age but not to her looks. My hats off to her for managing perfectly well.

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