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Replace your Doritos with these
Replace your Doritos with these



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I got some snacks from Kay’s Naturals to try out.  I was pretty skeptical about whether or not I’d like these products because A:  I’m really picky about what I call “healthy” and B: these snacks come in your typical processed food bag.  So I was worried because I’m not going to tell you something is good if it just isn’t.

Luckily for all of us Kay’s Naturals has come up with a bunch of munchie-attack-relieving goodies that surprisingly taste great and pass the test when it comes to the ingredient list.

All of the ingredients are natural.  No corn syrup, no strange chemicals, and plenty of natural flavorings to make sure its far from bland.  A big plus for me is the products I tried out are all free of egg and peanut.  My daughter is very allergic to those two foods so finding safe snacks is always on my mind. 

These products get their high protein content from soy protein isolate.  I don’t recommend eating tons of soy products but, in moderation it should be fine.  Plus, if you are going to have these products in place of something with higher carbs and less fiber I’d suggest going with what is going to help out your blood sugar control the most.  These snacks are all really low in carbs.  I ate this stuff all afternoon (to test it out and because I couldn’t stop) and managed my blood sugars very easily which was nice.

Things I noted as I tasted:

I tasted plenty of salt (I think I´m quite sensitive to it).  To give you an idea of how salty…Utz potato chips have about 240 mg sodium while the same serving of one of these snacks is around 150-230 mg.  So, less salty than your average potato chip but, for you salt lovers-there is still plenty to keep you happy. 

Everything is really crunchy which makes the snacking more satisfying and the protein content fills your appetite.

Protein Chips:  These come in different flavors such as Crispy Parmesan which really tastes like Parmesan cheese! (Oh look, real parmesan cheese in the ingredient list)

White Cheddar Cheese Kruncheeze:  Are really thick and crunchy and loaded with white cheddar flavor.

Pretzel sticks:  These come in different flavors.  The Jalapeño Honey Mustard is my favorite.  The flavor these sticks pack is ridiculous.  I was sad when I got to the bottom of the bag and found myself licking it.  One generous serving of these will only cost you 9 grams of carbs.  They also have 3 grams of fiber and 10 grams of protein. 

Cinnamon Almond Cookie Bites:  Oh. my. gosh.  These are just as low in carbs as the other stuff but, sweet like a cookie.  I searched the ingredients trying to figure out how they tricked my taste buds and it turns out they used natural Stevia!  How clever.  Now apart from that the texture of these is great for snacking.  Crunchy but not too much and covered with tons of cinnamon and filled with almond-man I loved these.  If you have a sweet tooth like me these just may be your favorite of the bunch.

Protein cereal:  Cereal is a food that sends my blood sugars through the roof.  This protein cereal doesn’t and it tastes great.  My kids loved these as well. 

Taking into consideration that diabetics highly benefit from natural ingredients, low carbs, fiber, and sufficient protein means I have to give a thumbs up to these snacks.  I personally wouldn’t eat them all of the time but, for those times when I want a really tasty and crunchy snack that I don’t have to fix or work for-this would be it.  I had my non-diabetic family members (some of which are real picky) try these snacks and they really enjoyed them as well.

Oh by the way these are also gluten free for those of you who need to watch for gluten.

Now, where can you get some Kay’s Naturals?  Go online to: Kay’s Naturals.  To try almost all of the snacks and figure out what your favorite is try ordering Kays’s sample pack which is 50% off right now!  There are lots of other specials to take advantage of as well.  PLUS, for The Girl’s Guide to Diabetes readers, you get 30% off any order this week if you enter “30off” as a coupon code!  You can take advantage of this special offer and even combine it with the sales on the site right now!


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