New Year’s Resolutions for July and August


The last two months (May/June) my goal was to get back into an exercise routine of some sort.  I was going to try to do regular yoga each day. 

Plans changed however, and I had an opportunity to go to the gym.  I really enjoy the gym and so I began either doing yoga at home or going to the gym and spending about 30-45 minutes there. 

My weight is the same because as I adjusted to more exercise I found myself hungry and snacked more often.  My weight didn’t change for another reason: I replaced fat loss with muscle gain and so although the scale didn’t move, I now fit into my clothes better.  A huge plus when visiting the pool and getting back into summer dresses!

Now I just have to keep it up!

For July and August my resolution was to be more social.

I had a really tough pregnancy and have elected to stay home with my 1 year old twins.  This has completely changed my social life.  So now that life with the twins has settled into some sort of routine I want to connect with the outside world again. 

I guess I’ll try calling old friends and invite them over to visit. 

I’ll reach out more to the great online diabetic community.

And I’ll…I don’t know what else! 

Anybody have any suggestions as to how to get back out there?  Help!

Oh and incase you are wondering, I am  following Leo Babauta’s The 6 Changes Method.  Try it!  It is a great way to accomplish some of your goals this year.  It isn’t too late :)

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