We’ve got to find new diabetic treats

 Looks good doesn’t it?


It’s human nature to indulge oneself.  Some of us take long baths, others watch 5 straight hours of “Friends”, some cut loose from work at lunchtime, and maybe some just go ahead and buy that dress they can’t afford. (throat clearing…)

All of us however, definitely indulge with food.  What type of food we choose tends to vary widely although most probably tend to select something not too healthy like potato chips or brownies. 

I have some questions.

First of all, who said we need to “treat” ourselves to an edible delight each day? 

Secondly, why are most comfort foods high on fat and sugar?

And third, how come we are able to give seemingly legitimate excuses for our lack of willpower-um, I mean…for our need to indulge so often?

Let’s break it down:

Life is hard.  I know all about it.  But, when did happiness become synonymous with a bowl of ice cream?  Are our lives empty and boring and all we can come up with to pat ourselves on the back for getting through another long day is ice cream?

No no no, your life is not empty and certainly not boring. 

Maybe its advertising.  They sure have fooled me in the past into thinking I need Dove ice cream bars to melt away the stress of my day.  I don’t know?

Maybe we often indulge in foods because we get a lot of pleasure for low energy expenditure.  In other words, it doesn’t take much effort to carry that Ben and Jerry’s over to the couch and dip into it with a small spoon.  But oh wow what a pay off!

Can you tell what my food weakness is yet?

Perhaps we choose these sweet and fatty foods because they are addictive.  Studies have concluded that sugar is more addictive than cocaine, for example.  Many books out there talk about how to quit sugar.  People who do, claim many health benefits. 

I’m sure none of the above is news to you.  In fact you’ve heard it so many times you might be rolling your eyes at me right now.

Yet, we still have to change what we eat when we enjoy our well-earned treats.

Why don’t we simplify things?  Why don’t we pick out some healthy but, delicious foods and choose to indulge in them the way the royal Egyptians ate grapes (Or how I imagine they did).  The point about indulging is to thoroughly enjoy no?  Food tastes good because we are meant to enjoy it.

So the point of this post is to simply remind us to put a little thought into what we are treating our taste buds to. 

Here is a list of stuff I want you to enjoy slowly and in small quantities, and as if it was worth as much as your home: (oh and also go ahead and put on some Michael Bublé or Lady Gaga as you drape yourself across your couch, get cozy, and think about all the great stuff in your life)

Really dark chocolate (this is like downing liquor instead of beer but you’re a big girl, you can do it)

70% and up, preferably 85% cocoa content

Cucumber and tomato salad

fresh cut up cucumber and tomato mixed in a bowl with extra virgin olive oil, vinegar, salt, and pepper-great for summer!


try cutting it up with a little salt, pepper, and lime


Walnuts are especially good for you

Coconut milk

have you tried this stuff?  It is so good!  Found in the organic fridge section of your grocery store and a great milk replacement (for those interested)

Homemade hot cocoa (maybe when this heat wave passes us)

made with a tiny bit of sugar only (or your own sugar alternative) Be sure to make it strong for those endorphins and antioxidants and make sure to drink it hot and with water instead of milk (or half water for you milk lovers).  Make it thick like the Aztecs did (did they? where are all of these historical references even coming from?)

Poached tilapia or salmon

place fish in aluminum foil with some white wine, lemon juice, salt, pepper, and parsley and then bake until cooked.  This is ridiculously easy, fast, and makes a great gourmet “TV dinner” that looks very elegant on a plate.

Organic beef jerky

Great if you are craving something hearty and salty.  Great for nervous times because you’ve really got to sink your teeth in. 

Kays Naturals snacks

Read my full review of these really tasty, low carb snacks here

All of the above have low carbs and good fats-just don’t overdo or the fat content will show up somewhere around your middle :)  Remember-eat slowly and sit down! (I really gotta work on this one myself…)

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