Why Gwyneth Paltrow now gets plenty of sunlight




Did you know actress Gwyneth Paltrow has a fun website dedicated to recommending great lifestyle tips and information?  My favorite section of her website is the food section.  She eats pretty healthy and enjoys cooking and on her website you’ll find tasty recipes and videos of her showing you how to do it!

Anyway, this site is called GOOP, check it out!

But, back to our main topic.  I rave about how we all need optimum Vitamin D levels and how we need sunlight.  Yet I have had a lot of people say “but, aren’t we supposed to slather on sunblock so we don’t get cancer?!”

So I’m always looking for additional support so others can understand just why we do need to cut loose from the old belief that the sun is harmful.

Gwyneth had testing done and found out her Vitamin D levels were really low…here, how about you read it directly from her here.

Have a great one!


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