Natural ways to get rid of acne

Dear fellow diabetic girl,  If you have acne, this post is from me to you.

Diabetics suffer a lot of health issues which don’t seem to be related to the diabetes, but secretly are.  Acne is one of them.  Over time, irregular blood sugars can help spur an overall hormone imbalance in the body.  A slight change in our hormone levels can push us just over the tipping point and in front of the mirror going, “What?!  Where did all of these zits come from?!” 

It happened to me.  I was blessed with two parents who never ever had a zit.  So as a teenager I inherited this and didn’t get but maybe 1 zit every couple of months.  I felt fortunate.  Then just before I turned 23 I lost my youngest brother.  This, coupled with another great emotional ordeal which happened at the same time flipped my world inside out and in one month I suddenly became one of those unfortunate souls.  People would look at me and go, “Wow, you’ve really broken out, what happened to you, you used to have such nice skin?”  I was really disheartened by this because I was eating a little better than I had before and exercising more so I didn’t understand why I was being punished. 

I finally understood what It felt like to be plagued by zits.  I didn’t want to go out in public for fear of what I might imagine everyone thinking, “Ewe, look at her, she must not take care of her self!”  People probably weren’t thinking too much about my face but, it didn’t matter because I was.  I would wake up each morning and quickly touch my face hoping it would be smooth and instead begin a new day grumpy as can be because my face was all red and bumpy and sore. 

This was the exact time I started dating my now husband and I hate that in all of our “dating era” pictures my face is splattered with acne.  I even got to the point of asking my boyfriend not to touch or kiss me on the cheek because I didn’t know what caused acne and just didn’t want to risk having more of it.

My face also aged quickly because of all of the anti-acne medicine I put on it each day for years.  I feel like I can’t recover the damage I did with all of those harsh and drying chemicals.

So now you’re wondering, did I get rid of my acne?

ahhh, YESSS!!!! (squeal of pure joy)

Clear skin finally!

How did I do it?  Well, honestly it was a multi-faceted approach.  I stuck with several things which over time got me to the point where 90% of the time I have a smooth and clear face.  (It’s like heaven by the way!)

There is this cool blog out there called High on Health which a sweet girl from Australia runs.  Her name is Fran Kerr and she had terrible acne.  She has written about how through lots of research and experimenting she actually cured her acne! (and trust me her skin is gorgeous-she shows it to us via posts on youtube all the time).

She has cured her acne by focusing on diet changes and natural remedies which I have  found very refreshing.  After all, those chemicals were not only not working for me, they were really messing up my young skin! 

So coming from someone who knows how bad it feels to deal with acne I have two pieces of advice for you if you’re dealing with the it and are at your wits end about it:

First, do your very best to control your blood sugars because this will help your hormones stay regular. 

And second, you want to read Fran’s ebook called Eat Away Your Acne, How to Enjoy Food and Cure Your Acne.  She has put together a wealth of advice in an easy to read ebook which you can download instantly and start getting rid of our acne right away!  Many others (not just me) have found her advice very valuable and easy to follow.  Thank goodness she did all this research and compiled the info that worked best for her so we don’t have to be guinea pigs!  You’ve tried enough stuff no doubt and it’s time you feel confident about putting your beautfiul face forward. 

It is bad enough being a diabetic, let alone one with acne…I know. 

So, I urge you to try out Fran’s ebook (which has a 60 day money back guarantee!) and see what her tips do for you.  She has great information for treating ALL types of acne so give yourself a chance, you deserve it!

To check out the page where she talks all about what you get with her ebook and to order it Click Here!

And good luck to you.  Let us know how you do, we’ll be ecstatic to hear about it!

Your fellow acne-free diabetic girl,


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