10 Reasons why we don’t all exercise for diabetes

 We can be stubborn sometimes…


I have written before about how communities are not ideal when it comes to supporting diabetics (Living in a “Diabetic Community?”).  Today, I am going to talk about why diabetics aren’t in better shape. 

10 reasons why we don’t all exercise for our diabetes:

10.  We go most places using a vehicle

9.   We watch too much television

8.  We don’t see physical movement as natural and fun, instead we see it as work

7.  We don’t see exercise as something we have enough time for

6.  We lack discipline

5.  We are used to convenient and fast foods

4.  We have more company if we choose to relax instead of be more active and most of our friends are out of shape

3.  We view running a mile as a big achievement while people in other countries consider that a quick jog into town

2.  We feel hopelessness and think, “what’s the point?”

1.  We are worried that if we try we’ll fail

Now this post sounds just plain whiny unless we strive to remedy the situation…

10.  Let’s try taking the stairs and walking on the sidewalks when possible.

9.  Let’s turn off the TV.  If you can’t do that, throw the set out of the house.  Remove that which is your crutch or crack.  I hardly watch TV now and omygosh!  suddenly I’ve got all these extra hours in the day!  It is awesome.  I wish I would have done this much, much sooner.

8.  Remember the human body was made to move.  It is the most wonderful machine ever created.  Appreciate this as you move throughout the day and feel all your parts working together-even if a little more clumsy than you’d like.  In fact, if your kind of clumsy, know that people will be endeared to you for it.  Maybe it is your trademark?  Point is, it is no excuse not to be active.

7.  Make time for exercise just as you make time for everything else you do.  If you honestly are pressed for time, do full on squats while doing chores and picking up things.  This adds up and does a lot for you by the end of the week.

6.  We could try to write a list of things we want to do-habits we want to create.  Then, slowly work on sticking to each objective.  If you end up sticking with just one new habit you’re a winner.  Discipline takes time but it sure is worth having.

5.  We were never meant to eat fast to serve, processed foods all of the time.  Start taking more time to prepare meals, putting thought into what you might create.  Learn to enjoy the taste of a simple salad or piece of fruit again. 

4.  Be an inspiration for your friends and family.  Start your own routine and invite them to come along for walks, runs, frisbee throwing, whatever.  Be the leader.

3.  If you can’t run a mile and eventually can, yes this is an achievement.  What I mean is don’t view that as the utmost physical fitness feat.  We were made to cover miles a day with our legs if necessary.  Keeping this in mind might help you push your body a bit more.  It helps knowing you were made to do it.  All you have to do is work at it.

2.  Strive each day to be happy with what you’ve got.  Know that getting fit will increase hopefulness and self-esteem and the best thing you can do is just begin.  Treat your body like the special thing it is and your reward will be enormous.

1.  Trying and failing is the only way to move forward.  It is one of the most admirable traits a person can have.  Try, try, try, try, and when you fail, try again.  Eventually you’ll look back on your journey and see that you did it!  From then on you’ll know you can do anything and your entire life will be enriched.  Trust me. 

One last tip:  View exercise as a medication you must take.  Our doctors might prescribe us a pill and because he does so we never miss taking it.  Our doctors also usually tell us to exercise.  So get your daily exercise in.  Doctor’s orders.

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