When diabetes was cured (a fable)


(the following is a fictitious story meant to make us think, please don’t be confused)


When Diabetes Was Cured


One day, the cure for diabetes was found by a small and private group of scientists. Soon after, everyone had been injected with the healing serum.

There was no more diabetes.

There were no more diabetics.

What did people do?

“How about we throw a party?”  someone said.  “A party sounds like a great idea.  After all, when was the last time we’ve celebrated something this HUGE?” someone else exclaimed.

So a fabulous and joyful party was planned.  We all attended, of course.  We even bought the most fancy outfit because we were going to have a ton of extra money now that diabetes was out of the picture. 

At this enormous party we found all the carbs we’d been dreaming of.  There were hot buttered breads, mountains of pasta, tables full of cookies and ice cream galore!  We had all been waiting for this moment.  We had long dreamed of being able to stuff ourselves full of whatever it is we wanted without having to suffer the repercussions.  We had discussed this often in blogs and forums, about how we wanted to be fully cured and be able to eat our cake without any blood sugar problems.  So of course we all ate!  We were all very happy about eating like non-diabetics.  We also no longer had to count carbs, take our diabetes medication, or worry about giving a bolus or an injection.  We were free!

Everyone loaded their plates and ate and laughed, laughed and ate.  Some cried because the emotions were just too much.  “My child won’t have to suffer ever again!” one woman said.

After a night full of drinking champagne and eating ourselves happy we all woke up to a new and wonderful day.

We went to work like usual, but with an extra skip in our step.  Many of us stopped by our favorite breakfast spot and grabbed a pastry or a big muffin.  Others drove by McDonald’s and enjoyed something yummy and greasy.  Some of us ate at home.  We served ourselves our favorite sugary cereal, some orange juice, or a stack of pancakes drenched in syrup. 

We continued like this for a long time because we, “deserve to be treated after this diabetes disaster we had to endure”.

Most people also didn’t exercise much.  They had intentions of it but, after trying so hard to exercise while diabetic they just figured they’d give themselves a break.  “I’ll get in shape later, I have my whole life ahead of me right now and I’m going to be busy living it!”

A few people, the minority for sure, never did eat like the others.  They were just as excited don’t get me wrong, but, they ate really healthy and exercised just as they might have before the cure came along. These odd few got comments from the others like, “Why don’t you have some cake with us?!  It won’t hurt you anymore!” and “You’re such a drag, what do you mean you won’t come over for pizza?”  This strange minority felt lucky to be free of diabetes and wanted to support their health-especially now that it was easier to do so.  They did their best to not abuse their body.  People called them “uptight”. 

One day doctors realized most everyone was feeling sick.  Some had cancer, some had heart disease, others had metabolic syndromes.  Everyone was baffled.  They searched for ways to feel better and joined campaigns for cures for each problem. 

Time passed.

One day a 10 year old girl in science class began thinking about how she lived in a world where most people didn’t feel well.  She began researching for the cause.  She didn’t find much.  Most medical information seemed somehow tied to making money or running a business or providing symptomatic relief. 

Then one day she met a healthy looking woman walking in a park.  She marched right up to the woman and with hands on her hips asked her how she did it.  “How do I do what?”  The woman asked.  The girl persisted, “Are you healthy?  Do you feel well?  And if so how do you do it?”  The lady smiled.  She sat down on a bench with the girl and told her about the time, many years ago, when this disease called diabetes was cured.  She then told the girl this:  “You see dear, the problem never was the diabetes itself.  Everyone said, “Cure diabetes, fight diabetes, end diabetes!”  but, the real enemy was the fact that we didn’t have the right information, healthy habits, or enough discipline to follow those habits.  Since it’s difficult to consistently do the right thing, many people became sick and this over time affected their genes and their children got sick faster and next thing we knew, diabetes was a serious and complicated epidemic.  Obviously there are exceptions but, most likely, had people taken better care of themselves, diabetes would have never become what it was.” 

“Why are so many people sick now that there is no diabetes?” the girl asked.  “Well, perhaps it is because despite being healed of diabetes, people still didn’t change their lifestyles and suffered other health consequences as a result of this.  Our bodies were never meant to handle continuous abuse.  People haven’t understood yet that to feel good and be healthy we have to take the necessary actions-like eat healthy and exercise.  The cure was a wonderful thing, but we didn’t learn much from our experience with diabetes, I’m afraid.”

The girl sat contemplating for a few minutes.  Then she looked at the woman and asked, “Is it too late for us?”

The woman smiled at the girl, looked her square in the eyes and said firmly,

“No.  It’s not too late.”

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  1. Maria morales

    What a great fable… and the moral of the story is… TRUE! I LOVE IT! made me teery eyed. Mom

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